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ToG EU are Back!!!!

DonY81DonY81 RochesterPosts: 379Member Uncommon

The Older Gamers is a multi-game community with over 40,000 members from all over the world and has Divisions in over 40 games. All our members are aged 25 or older and our community is both lively and fun.

TOG as we are often called has just returned to AoC EU, a few enthusiastic individuals have taken up the challenge of re-building TOG's presence on Crom. As this is a brand new venture for TOG, it is the ideal time to find like minded gamers to help us build a new Guild and add to our already thriving community.

Our new Guild has been given the name 'The Old Guard' and welcomes anyone over the age of 25 looking for a fun and drama free community. We are also working on our Tier 2 City and have got a Teamspeak 3 & Vent server running.  If you are interested in finding out more or joining TOG in AOC or any other of our games, head over to our website and take a look.


To join us you will need to head to the Barracks section of our forums and post an application to join TOG, approval doesnt take long. After this you can head to the AOC forums section and post in the EU invite thread so that we can get you an ingame invite.

If you have any problems ingame please contact  Galatea, Hoxidon or Mortyanna leave a message and we will contact you when we are online.




  • EvileEvile Roc City, NYPosts: 534Member

    I was in TOG in EVE. I am now in AoC on the US server Wicanna. Any ToG heading this way feel free to contact me.

    Cheers to my Former EVE Toggers!


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