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End Game Content: RoM, Allods, Aika, PW?

AdvancedTechAdvancedTech New York, NYPosts: 165Member Uncommon

I just want to know which of these games has more end game content, I will play one of these depending on how much the game will keep me into it at the highest level.


  • AdvancedTechAdvancedTech New York, NYPosts: 165Member Uncommon

    Bump? Really no responses 0.o

  • rieberryrieberry Columbus, OHPosts: 14Member

    I'd like to help you, as I'm playing both Aika and Allods at the moment, but I haven't reached endgame for either yet. I'll let you know what I can about them...


    The fun of the endgame in Aika is all about PvP. Your guild competes in a weekly PvP battle  to lead the Nation. Then you raid other nations for their relics (that grant permabuffs to everyone in your nation) as well as defend your nation against raid from other nations. I've gotten a taste of it and it's really fun. Also, prans, your sidekick that develops as you level, are awesome. The only real problem with Aika is the horrible grind to reach the fun at end level. While the quest text "conversations" are well done and entertaining, the actual quests are horrific, sending you to kill the same mobs over and over again, and a lot of "kill 40 of this." If you decide to play Aika, I would join a guild as quickly as possible to find other people to level with, or talk a friend into joining you.  The grinding really goes much faster when you party with others, and although you take slightly less xp you get most of your xp from turning in quests rather than killing mobs. I really do love so much of Aika, I just want them to nerf the grind so everyone can have fun sooner than later.


    Allods I have only played more recently. I've been enjoying it so far! The graphics are not at the level of Aika, but the questing is less redundant. As I understand it, the endgame is all about your guild building giant ships that sail out into "the Astral" (like a magic outerspace). There, you can get the best loot, but you have to guard it against other astral ships while you bring it home, etc. It seems like a lot of fun (there was a rave review about it in PC Gamer a few months back). While I miss some features from Aika, it seems like shaping up to be something I'm really going to love.


    Runes of Magic I haven't gotten far in at all. From all accounts, it seems very WoWsy (so I imagine the endgame is similar), but it has the benefit of a great development team and frequent updates.

  • pyrocrazypyrocrazy Buffalo, ILPosts: 65Member

    not aika...its going downhill ever since this cool and all but the easyness has gone away and its super boring at high levels

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