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A Hidden Gem

ramsli11ramsli11 Maxville, ONPosts: 5Member

Hello :)


Ive been around Regnum Online for about 3-4 years and i have always wondered why people don't play it more


It's 1 of the best RvR games i have ever touched and i have tried alot! it's Simple yet Awesome - it lacks the Depth of alot of Big Name Games like WoW but it's Realm vs Realm Fighting is Alot Better and Fast Paced imo

Also is 1 of the few games that has a Offical Linux Client

Hopefully with upcomming updates there will be more Depth Added into Regnum



  • CernanCernan Charlotte, NCPosts: 359Member Uncommon

    Well, your post got me to download and try out the game.  I had some hiccups with the graphics at first.  I finally discovered that playing in Windowed mode got rid of all my problems.  I must say the game looks really good with all the graphics turned up and the new shaders.  The screenshots don't really show it off on here.  Other than the graphcis tweak the only bug I have experienced is the sound occassionally going out.  I just restart the client and it comes back.

    So far, so good.  I joined Ignis on Horus since they had the lowest population and highest XP/gold boost.  The beginning quest are mostly standard fare.  I was surprised with the windmill quest.  It was broken and when I completd the quest it actually worked for a couple minutes before breaking again.  Was neat to see that.  I didn't expect it to actually move after the quest completed.  It only took a couple hours to get to level 10 and choose my primary class.  I made both a Marksman and a Barbarian.  I have to recommend that anyone interested should check out the official forums for more information on classes and realm makeup.

  • 3DG.E3DG.E LPosts: 28Member

    Who knows :P

  • abistarabistar Toronto, ONPosts: 92Member

    I am very surprised with this game as well, everything runs very smoothly with occassional hiccups. More should try it, I believe it can also be played on OS X.

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