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Playonline servers hacked/compromised

WizardryWizardry Ontario, CanadaPosts: 11,947Member Epic

I am a bit surprised that i do not see any related posts on this?

I cannot login to my accounts as i guess Square reset passwords and only those with certain security were sent a fix.Why on earth they would not send out to EVERY email a fix is beyond me,theire support has always been the worst and remains so.

What i find sad is the lack of real security,they have ZERO security from friday night through to monday when the offices open.This means any breach of security goes untouched for 3 days a week ,EVERY week,that is imo shotty security,since this shows they have been compromised,yet they have been trying to sell added security tokens,when they can't even keep their own security in tact.

My guess is this is some kind of inside job,i find it hard to believe they were outright hacked,but who knows ,with no security for 3 days a week,i guess they don't put out the needed effort to ensure safety.

Since i was not sent an email,as they only sent some people emails,i am willing to bet all my hard work and items are probably gone,if so then i am definitely out and will not support FFXIV.I will also be sure to call them by phone and give them a piece of my mind,not only for their lack of support for 3/7 days a week but to go off selling security tokens and can't even secure themselves.

What is real funny is they claim your Credit card information is secure,ya right ,they were hacked,i cannot login into my account to make sure my CC information is secure,and they have zero support until monday when ofices open,so umm ya ,only a complete idiot would believe anything they have to say.Time to check my CC company to see what is going on.

Never forget 3 mile Island and never trust a government official or company spokesman.

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