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Knights of The Black Rose (Set Server) recruiting all players.

DarkcrystalDarkcrystal Posts: 961Member Uncommon

If your looking for a old but new guild that is restarting back up, then this will be for you we where on dagoth server at release, after the merger we ended up here.


We are a new game community as we played games like Asheron call 1 we had our guild there for 7yrs, then we moved to World of Warcraft for 2yrs we stay playing both games, and then we ended up in Age of Conan.


We are going to have a community for all players to call home and play Age of Conan and other MMO's we decided to merge all our MMO's together into one forum which is being redone at the moment so if you want to be a part of experinced players of MMO's then your in the right place..


We plan to be a guild about member you will not be just a number if you low level and need help we will be happy to as most of us ar eplaying new chars to start over we have.. some of us have 80's but figured to start over we have a tier 1 city and plan to build it up from the ground up if your looking for this , then join now.


Look for Stardon, Battlescar, Shadowrot


We are also recruiting officers, you do not need experince as we can teach you what it is all about you just need to be a leader type of person..


We have been gaming since the UO days but our guild has been around since AC1, we do have a Chapter in Fallen earth and soon Craft of Gods.



forums are up excuse  the plain forums as we are redesigning in the coming weeks, we decided to make all our games together and make it one big community so this will take a few weeks to get everything together but we can use the forums as is for now so we have one so enjoy.

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