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[Forsaken] RP/PvE on Wiccana

zosti8zosti8 Beloeil, QCPosts: 4Member Uncommon

A small crumpled piece of paper rolls across the ground before you. Picking it up, you notice the blue ink penned neatly on a reed fiber parchment, origins grown near the River Styx. It seems that whoever had it before, had tossed the paper away as trash, but as you read further, it starts to resemble a recruitment page.

If you have found yourself without a home, lost and abandoned, thrown from all you knew, we can be your home.

Accepting of all races, all creed and all religion.

A family, a clan we've created from the ruins of a city, once ruled by a man who would be a God.

We are the Forsaken.

Seek Zahla within Khemi. Or speak to the Cimmerian Warrior Ysokie.

If all you need is refuge, our gates are open.


Seeking all levels & classes, new and old players alike! Alts welcome.

Leveling is in our description, we'd prefer to group together and encourage everyone to help each other with information and quests when needed.

We're a friendly with Roleplaying Aspects. Our basic Roleplaying idea is we are all a clan of misfits, we are odd creatures who don't seem to fit into normal society, so we stick together, treating each other as family. Roleplaying style is relaxed.

We do intend to be a part of Wiccana's RP community.

T1 City Established. Located in Purple Lotus Swamp.

Please apply on our website:

Guild Chat is OOC.

Website Subscription is required before guild invite.

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