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Download the client... wait for a long time to patch... then web login? WTF?

WorfWorf Oklahoma City, OKPosts: 264Member

Downloaded the game.

Installed the game.

Waited for OVER an hour for the patches to get installed.... ONE time it rebooted my PC for NO damn reason... Second time the patches install.

AFTER the extremely long wait to patch, the LAUNCH forces you to go the their download page via a web browser, then signin, then you are required to install a Browser Plug-in to play the game.

Thanks but no freaking thanks.

Too bad these people CANNOT figure out how to do a REAL interface and login from the Software Client Program.

This long time software developer of over 32 years is very unimpressed with this turn of events.

Game Deleted!

Oh well... another promising game down the drain.


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