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That level to get Godslayer

HorusraHorusra maryland, MDPosts: 3,494Member Rare

Ok thinking of trying this game again.  i will be starting over from the beginning.  What level does the godslayer stuff kick in so I know when and if I will buy it then.


  • CarilliCarilli X, OHPosts: 41Member Uncommon
    you can start in khitai after tortage.
  • Wharg0ulWharg0ul Colorado Springs, COPosts: 4,183Member

    At 20 you can begin questing in the new zone, and /claim your stuff.

    It's worth it, IMO.....faster leveling, nice gear, and less running around looking for stuff to do.


  • AmazingAveryAmazingAvery Age of Conan Advocate Posts: 6,966Member Uncommon

    Basically you create a new guy,

    Tortage levels 1-20.

    Post level 20 (off Tortage)

    You can go any of the 3 Race cities (main game) or directly to "Gateway to Khitai" (Godslayer) (levels 20-40 for all)

    You will level in the main game from levels 40 to about 78 and then back to Khitai again for 3 times easy as much content there but aimed for level 80+ (or late 70's if your good and grouped)

  • djazzydjazzy louisville, COPosts: 3,578Member

    I went to Khitai at level 78 and got my ass kicked there. I don't recommend going there before 80 if you play a squishy class.

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