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Looking for free trial :)

charlespaynecharlespayne greater manchesterPosts: 370Member Uncommon

Hi just wondering if anyone is handing out free trial keys as im really interested in trying the game,

Just fancy giving it a try 1st this way i dont feel dissapointed and waste money buying it so id rather give it a try 1st even though it looks good :).


  • JakdstripperJakdstripper British Columbia, CanadaPosts: 2,208Member Uncommon

    not i dont have any keys but it would be nice to have a free trial. it would definately help the game's population and i'm sure many people would buy the game after they try it.  just about every P2P out on the market has a free trial. i guess they are not hurting for subs with all those korians playing this game.

  • DreathorDreathor EnglandPosts: 537Member

    "If all you can say is... "It's awful, it's not innovative, it's ugly, it's blah.." Then you're an unimaginative and unpolished excuse for human life" -eburn

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