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Guide onto acquiring the second starter "gift" box

YuuiYuui KaunasPosts: 723Member


Ever since the ascension expansion was released, every new player would get a "Treasure Box" the moment they log in to the game for the first time. The box would give out various precious stuff every five levels, including weapons, potions, pets, various temporary stuff and various permanent stuff, including a refinery sigil at lvl 140.

However what many of people do not know yet is that there's a second box you can obtain - its called "Brocade Box" and only given to the so called "inductee accounts".

The Importance of Brocade Box:
It, just like "Treasure Chest", gives out various stuff every five levels. However the latter-level stuff is way mkore precious than the one you get in the "Treasure Chest".

While Treasure Chest gives out you new weapons(according to requirment levels that is 1, 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, 90, 105, 120 and 135), that are a bit more powerful than normal ones, "Brocade Box" gives out armors for the same level range that are a bit more powerful than the casual ones.

It also gives out a second temporary 30Day skyblade and 30Day mount - so if you open it up wisely, you can live for total of two months without even buying the 1000g skyblade from the Wind Fairy NPC.

Another important thing The "Brocade Box" gives is Chi Bottle Esper. Its LVL75 esper that is a bit more powerful than faction lvl75 espers. The esper itself sells for about ~150-300g depending on stats.

Brocade box also gives out jewelry, various small stuff like universal coins, star dust, potion stacks of 999potions and etc.

The main worth of the Brocade box is in the endgame levels - at lvl 140-150, Brocade box gives out +8 Refinery Sigil (worth about ~2,400-4,000 gold) and 999 Affinity Beads( worth about ~3,000gold total and hard to obtain), making sure have everything you need for ascension.

Having both boxes makes sure that you won't need to buy potions for a long long long time.

The Inductee Status:

Inductee status is like "referral". People who you refer to the game, are your "inductees" and can obtain "Brocade Box" from Induction Agent when they log into the game.

Inductor Status:

The one who refers you becomes your "Inductor". Inductor gets a small percentage of exp for each level you reach and has a small chance to get small amounts of BonusJaden when you level. He can also monitor your leveling progress. No other benefits.

Becoming an Inductee:

For that you need:
- An empty account.
- Jade Dynasty Ascension game client.
- An Induction Code for the server you want to play in. (for example my induction ID for Shura(Europe) server is : "0020067X010604082005000Z15d21f"(without brackets)

1. Start up your Jade Dynasty Ascension game client.
2. Log into the correct server with your empty account.
3 Click Character Create Button:
4. Choose your Race:
5. Select the appearance, gender, etc. Enter the Induction code as shown in screenshot. enter desired character name:
6. Click Done. You will Log in into the game.
6.5. Inside of the game, the first thing you will be asked to do is to add your inductor into your friends list.If you chose me as your inductor feel free to do so and ask any questions about the game.
7. When in game, you should already have a quest in your quest log(Press Q). Just auto-route to the location of npc, select it, click Quest Related and finish the quest, getting your very own and awesome "Brocade Box".
8. Now you are free to continue playing the game, going through tutorial, main quests etc. through the 150 levels of the game now you will have TWO chests to give free stuff to you.

Becoming an Inductor:

You need:
- LVL60+ character.

1. Go to Induction Agent.
2. Select "Get Induction Info".
3. Select "Copy My ID".
4. Spread the ID where allowed~

Additional Info:
- Once you enter the ID for first character, that ID "sticks" to all the characters you will create on that account, giving you the benefits to any character you will create in that account.
- "Brocade Chest" can be opened every Five Levels.
- My Induction ID on SHURA(europe) server is: 0020067X010604082005000Z15d21f.
- ID from one server won't work on other. For example if you have ID on european server, you won't be able to use it on USA server or PVP server and etc.
- The Inductor does not get a Brocade Box. The Inductee does.
- Inductees can still share their own codes and become inductors. The inductor who inducted you won't get any benefits from your inductees.
- The example of "how to become an inductee" above is done through HUMAN race character creation interface. Becoming an inductee with ATHAN race is mostly the same - find the field, enter the ID and bingo!~


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