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About this game.

I tried it, or well still am trying and i have some pros and cons which should summarize this game


*Its free

*Its easy to learn the ropes of it

*It has quite a good story if you bother to read it.

*It has fairly easy quests, so leveling up wont be much of a problem (also repeatable ones)

*Its atmosphere is nice and characters look odd and funny (everyone ive met so far have been nice and friendly)


*Boss raids

*PvP arena

*VERY helpful and friendly GMs and Staff





*Its not VERY challanging, but also has some fair amount of it.

*There are five types of quests so far, talking,finding,grinding,finding an item out of a mob and repeatable quests, needs something with a bit longer chain, but thats just my oppinion


So this is basically what ive discovered so far. Its not for hardcore mmo players, definately it isnt a pvp BASED mmo. Its not for those who seek realistic combat (you probably realized it when you looked at the thumbnail, but pointed it out anyway) and its not for those who search real challange. It is for rather young players (cant give the exact age range) but i guess something from 10+, its fun and interesting, and it is easy to continue your journey.



I will update pros and cons if i find more, also i am seventeen years old and its quite fun, to play it with relaxing music on spare time. Sorry if it wasnt the best review, but im trying, also my name is "weirdo" ingame, feel free to ask anything.

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