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Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning: Public City Siege Testing Begins Tomorrow!

MikeBMikeB Community ManagerQueens, NYPosts: 6,163Administrator Rare

The 100% RvR City Siege changes that will be coming to WAR with the release of patch 1.3.5 have been in closed beta testing for some time now, but according an update posted to the WAR Herald us feeble folk will be able to get our grubby hands on the City Siege changes tomorrow, May 11th  at 8PM EDTwhen they hit WAR's public test server, Warpstone. The initial test will see players invade the Imperial capital of Altdorf.


A Q&A with Mythic's development team including Nate Levy, Carrie Gouskos and others will follow tomorrow's test on the official Mythic Ventrilo server. The Q&A will be hosted by Mythic's Andy Belford.

On Thursday, May 13th at 8PM PDT players will gear up for invasion once again, only this time the streetts will run white with mice as players storm the Inevitable City.

Instructions on how to copy your character over to the PTS can be found here.

Michael "MikeB" Bitton
Community Manager
Twitter: @eMikeB


  • drazzahdrazzah SoJers, NJPosts: 437Member Uncommon

    Woot! Time to resub yet again!


  • UtopiUtopi New El, ILPosts: 61Member

    Originally posted by drazzah

    Woot! Time to resub yet again!

     Last time I checked you were able to login to PTS with trial accounts and use T4 templates.  Don't know IF they ever fixed this or not but if ya wanted to test how fun the citys are you can always just try to trial accounts.

  • SunrootSunroot Portland, ORPosts: 33Member

    this should have been implemented in beta.  why make anything other than RVR affect RVR? 

  • AngorimAngorim Narvon, PAPosts: 466Member

    Originally posted by arustyrobot

    this should have been implemented in beta.  why make anything other than RVR affect RVR? 

    You'd think they would have learned from Trials of Atlantis back in DAoC.

    Then again, everyone seems to be able to see the flaws and drawbacks except Mythic on this project.

    It's a shame.

  • AmorienAmorien Sin City, NVPosts: 142Member

    After 4 days i unsubscribed , 4 days alone unless in prime time. countless hours of Zero human contact. unless u orvr. Freakin bored.


  • EffectEffect Albrightsville, PAPosts: 949Member Uncommon

    So what exactly are they changing here?

  • DracondisDracondis Reston, VAPosts: 177Member Uncommon


    Bleh, the game is just boring without my little rats.

  • gszebegszebe PPosts: 214Member Common

    Oh, I'm looking forward to this

  • describabledescribable EdinburghPosts: 406Member Uncommon

    wish someone would ask the question;

    with blizzard releasing content patches every few months and the expansion incoming, lord of the rings on their 3rd expansion with many content patches behind them and even the well renowned (for other reasons) age of conan with an expansion and content patches behind them.

    is this all you've been fucking doing for warhammer?

    "nothing actually matters, we're just slightly evolved monkeys clinging to a dying piece of rock hurtling through space waiting for our eventual death." - Frankie Boyle, Mock The Week

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