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Spartans Now Recruiting!

NoTxGooDNoTxGooD provost, ABPosts: 12Member Uncommon

The Spartans

I have started a new guild called "Spartans" we have been up and running for a month or more now but i was not recruiting anyone until now.

I am looking for fun and friendly players to join if you need help along the way i will help the best i can and i would expect the rest of the members to do the same.

There will be some specifications to be met but none that are to extreme, all members must be somewhat active and if you decide to quit the game please let myself or a submaster know so we can take the proper measures, you must speak english or be fluent in the language as it is a global game and the main language is supposed to be English.

Tryouts will consist of playing myself or a submaster in a 1vs1


Match~ unlimited tag 1vs1

Items~ on or off will be chosen by opponent

you do not have to win this battle to join it is only for fun if you feel you are lacking in certain areas of your game we can find members to help or i can give you help to the best of my knowledge.

are purpose is to have fun and make lots of friends on the way we will conduct guild battles with competitive players. Guild battles will only be held or attended if i am present or a submaster, if you would like to partake in a battle or hold one let one of us know and im sure we would be glad to set it up.

well i think that takes care of the important things if you need more information or would like to join just leave a msg here or PM me and i will get back to you ASAP.

Signed~ NoTxGooD

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