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You can now sign up for all of TERA's future tests.



"New TERA Tester Application Now Live

05-06-2010 |


Thank you for your interest in TERA! This application enters your name and information into our testing database for possible entry into future tests. Participants and applicants of previous tests will need to reapply to be added to our new database.

Please consider:

• Your application and data is linked to your account email and forum handle. Please use the email and forum handle you use on the official TERA website.

• If you change your email address you do not have to reapply. This database will be linked to your most updated profile.

• Applying more than once will not help your chances of entering a future test and may in fact hurt or eliminate them. Do not apply more than once!

• All information on the first page is required to be considered. Your system information is not required, but is extremely helpful and applicants who meet the system requirements will be considered before those who do not.

Click Here to Apply for Future TERA Tests!

Thank you and good luck!"




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