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NoxXious Gaming Community (PVP - Tyranny)

VinterkrigVinterkrig BOSTON, MAPosts: 1,672Member

NoxXious was bored of waiting for all the games coming out and wanted to get in a game and do something, so we all just rolled up new characters on Tyranny.


We're always looking for great new members to add to our community.


We play: Darkfall, Bad Company 2, MW2, TF2, EQ2 and AoC 

with intent for APB, TERA, Black Prophecy, SW:ToR


Come check us out at if you are interested in joining a pretty tight knit gaming community and drop off an application and get in vent. Like I said, we're leveling from the ground up here, so if you are new, now would be the perfect time to jump aboard.'


Requirements: Activity, 18+, Vent + working mic


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