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Thinking of playing this game have a couple inportant questions

SanguisAstraSanguisAstra TokyoPosts: 19Member

So Ive heard a lot about  JD and I dont really know what to make of it, I do however know what I dont wnat, so of course I know what I do want in a game, That being said, I have only one important factor I want to know about, that is really important to me:


-PVP I am a huge fan of PVP, Ive played the hardcore GVG in GUild wars and had a blast! now I know im not expecting the pvp to be THAT good BUT, I want to know one thing about it:


Is Pvp. . .Pay to Win or based soley on skill & Group Dynamics?(a.k.a teamwork)


Why? well I DO have money BUT, usually the asian grinders that are f2p have some fun ideas for pvp but. . . . basically once you get to cap level where you PVP in faction.seige. guild battle wars etc. . . Newer players are at a SORE disadvantage to other players who have been here longer and spend more money, and usually what happens is that just to compete you would have to spend THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of  dollars just to be on a level playing field.. . . .

And honestly, it would be better to play a decent sub game or save up for a better computer to play guild wars 2 when it comes out, as opposed to have the option of spending 50 thousand dollars or spending years to get all the equipment necceesary to have fun in pvp

I have done the whole *starting late to an asian grinder mmo only to spend 6-7 months to get to top level only to find out I need to spend two more years grinding to get the special skills equipment etc just to enjoy the pvp aspect of the game* at which point decided to quit rather than worry about trying to get all the gear to play a game....


Maybe playing all these types of games for years then playing Guild wars which was a great departure from that *spoiled* me for a bit, but  I like what I like, I like MMos I like leveling and questing and partying and once I get to the end of the game, I LOVE to pvp!  I dont need to be a in game but I would love to be able to let my actually skill shine, rather than hav ethe game be a display of how much money I have given to Perfect world Entertainment.  Also since games that make you Pay to win or even compete are usually not even worth paying for (i.e contenct only consisting of *grind* and *moar grind*...which is not content, just laziness on the developers part to make a virtual skinner box as quickly and cheaply as possible) Id rather know now, if its really going to be worth my time to play. . .or will it be a waste of time.

Finally, if you are the ones that say hey this game is play to win, could you recommend me a great game that I could try out? (either sub or f2p is fine)


Thanks for your help and input!



  • YuuiYuui KaunasPosts: 723Member

    It all depends on which aspect of pvp you are talking about.

    - free-pk (in pvp realms) is quite gear-dependant as its more about backstabbing and stumbling onto unaware players or getting "shot in the back" by someone else. Although even there, gear is not really the main point as a lot of situational skills can quickly change the situation. Overall you won't be able to compete purely by spending cash in this aspect, as you would neeed to spend thousands of $$ to outweigh others purely by cash shop advantage. And even then its not guaranteed.

    - Fort wars - its all about teamwork and preventing the opponents from reaching their goal. Its more strategical than other pvp aspects as both deffending and attacking side has various perks that can change the flow of game. Kill count does not matter in any way, except if you want to brag.

    - (upcomming in next expansion in somewhere in between start of june and mid of august) - Territorial Wars - 30+ conquerable territories with air, land and sea siege equipment, destructible environment and etc.

    - (currently in progress of being implemented through game storyline) - Racial wars. Most of stuff in free-pk still applies to this, except that it has no punishment system.

    - battlegrounds - various levels of difficulties and map specifics. The main goal is similar to that of fort wars.

    Compared to the "old" players, who started only with their overall common kno0wledge, newer players enjoy a tutorial system, 2(!) different newbie rewards systems that award player various cash shop items for free and etc.

    While you would not possibly get into overall top5 or top10, its entirely possible to reach the top if you have enough patience and smarts.

    The game is pay to be in the very top
    The game is free otherwise but requires patience and smarts to get near the very top.
    IMO its impossible to survive ONLY by cash shop in this game and everything that can be found in cash shop can be acquired through other means inside of the game.

    There's a lot of content, although it might get a little bit repetitive when you try to reach the top, bu that does not involve grind as overall gameplay mechanics make sure that you do not feel the grind itself. Not to mention that as your level grows, the grind goes less and less efficient and non-grinding stuff gets more and more efficient.

    Overall game has a lot of great and unique ideas and has managed to keep me interested for year and half already.

    As for other games - IMO there are no really worthwhile mmorpg games in market currently(with exception of, maybe, EVE and AOC). be it p2p or f2p. I suggest you keep eyes out on upcoming games like Kingdom Heroes (which boasts an extensive pvp content and realistic siege battles), Torchlight mmorpg and The Secret World (which is centered round pvp content and overall is level-less and class-less game.


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