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Not a bad game

ToddrulesToddrules Warhammer Online CorrespondentColumbia, MDPosts: 19Member

I tried the game back before its original "release" and found it an unplayable and sad experience. I had read a lot of negativity on this board and other places, so was reluctant to try it again but was a little burned out on some of the other games I was playing and decided to give the trial a whirl.

I have to say I have found it pretty enjoyable. I find the graphics decent enough, the combat moves at a good pace. I am playing a healer and the talent trees are awesome and I find myself truly excited when i get new spells. I am a big fan of the study system and the library is a pretty awesome idea and has helped me on numerous quests and tracking down crafting items.  I have found a few bugs here and there but nothing major. I went ahead and bought the game after a couple hours and have not been disappointed, I even talked a friend to give the trial a whirl and he soon bought it. 

The population isn't great but I had no trouble getting groups to kill named bosses. My friend and I found a group of people in a guild and ran a couple instances, 1 was a lot of fun and the other seemed bugged on the final boss, he just wouldn't die and killed everyone that targeted him almost instantly but I understand these things happen in new games. My friend and I got invited to this guild and there are always people on and very helpful. 

All and all I am having fun in this game and my friend and I are trying to get as many people we know in the game as possible. I think with a bigger community this could be a really great game. I know some people are big on bashing the dev team and mr. smart, and I can admit from his posts he comes off as abrasive and slightly douche-ish, but from what I saw in beta to now I have faith they will only improve the game. If you haven't tried it, look past the hype and give it a try it is a fun game. You just may like it.  Just my 2 cents.




  • goreeshagoreesha Fort Smith, ARPosts: 102Member

    Yep, I'm with you. I bought this game back during the "soft release" because of the launch day special. I tried to play the game, found some quirky interesting things about it, but ultimately it was unplayable because of the bugs and brokenness. Anyway, I just went back to the game at 2.0 to check it out and found it to be not only playable but fun. Still needs some work, more bug fixes and whatnot (better character models!), but I'm enjoying it. Joined a guild, did a couple of the new instances and am having fun.

  • mannymanmannyman londonPosts: 69Member

    This games biggest issue is that we as customers have choice. Usually that choice is just based on the games, but by his own doing Dr PHD Smart has also made the choice about who you want recieving your money.

    The game itself is unremarkable in every single regard.

    You can have a similar experience for free with Runes of Magic or (despite the relentless cries of 'NOT A WOW CLONE HONEST') you can pay for a premier product and just get WoW.

    Either way the experience will be similar and better in both cases.

    As for who gets your money, well, you can either fund Blizzards next MMO or fund Battlecruiser 49580285029850294 or whatever it'll probably be called.

    Derek Smart, taking the MM out of MMORPG since 2009.

  • goreeshagoreesha Fort Smith, ARPosts: 102Member

    I couldn't care less about the whole drama surrounding Derek Smart. Big deal, he was rude to some people on the forums, and they got offended. I could not possibly care less. All that matters to me is the condition of the game itself, which, as I said, still needs some work, but I find it playable and fun now.

  • HakiemHakiem Salinas, CAPosts: 35Member

    I found the game "fun" in december and before and during the beta and open beta.

    I found the game "fun" as I leveled up 4 characters on Adrios to 40+.  I found the game fun as I leveled all 8 craft options to 250.

    What I don't find "fun" now is the grind to level 50 cap.  What I don't find "fun" is the fact that this is still basically a solo-online-rpg as the player base is still below 100 total players across 3 servers at any given time of day.

    I don't find it much "fun" that there is no high level content or end game content for solo players.

    I still log in.  I still occasionally play for up to an hour at a time - grinding.  So I wait and watch and hope for more.  I guess it's just human nature.

    Just Me,


    If rainbows only come out in the rain then I would like it to rain at least once a day.

  • TyrranosaurTyrranosaur Albuquerque, NMPosts: 284Member Uncommon

    Well, I've found the plagarism issue somewhat amusing, given that I would contend almost all marketing speak could be accused of being devoid of originality or meaning outside of empty platitudes designed to suggest we want to give our money to whomever is pimping what at the moment.

    My wife and I tried the trials of Alaganon this week on a lark. It's really pretty fun. We've already tried and given up on Rappelz, Rune of Magic, Perfect World and others; I think perhaps I appreciate a WoW clone that does not suffer from localization issues, and has some rather nice graphics. At $20 for the entry, I've easily paid more for less on plenty of non MMO games, and I've subscribed to other MMOs that offered about the same level or quality of content, so the price point seems fine.

    Anyway, at the very least I am sure I'll get a few months of enjoyment out of Alganon, and my wife loves it to death for some reason. I'm a lot more gaga about Age of Conan these days, but I will enjoy playing Alganon with her.

    Current MMOs: Rift, GW2, Defiance
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  • BanquettoBanquetto CityPosts: 1,037Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by Tyrranosaur

    I think perhaps I appreciate a WoW clone that does not suffer from localization issues

    To be fair, that is one area where Alganon does stack up against the free-to-play competition. There are many vastly superior free games out there, but the dialogue is pretty much always at the fluency level of kung fu movie subtitles.

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