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Game Scott Hartsman Interview

helothelot denton, TXPosts: 89Member Uncommon

Trion Chief Creative Officer Scott Hartsman talks advantages of having a veteran MMO dev team and a universe of worlds connected by Rifts in Planes of Telara.






also check this video out. 

Rift - Planes of Telara Trailer 2010 + Fan Video!





  • VesaviusVesavius Posts: 7,825Member Uncommon

    Excellent interview.

    Ofc, it's easy to talk a good game this early in dev, but something about this project seems solid and good, even at this point.

    The obviously experienced team plus obviously solid funding bodes well.

  • cyranacyrana MybusinessPosts: 197Member Uncommon

    Thanks for the link to that! For something so 'early', it seems very polished. Although, back in the days when it was Heroes of Telara it came up that the game has been in development since Trion Worlds was actually founded.

    Ningen wa ningen da.

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