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a typical day in the life of REQUIEM

PlayerVIIPlayerVII Mount Jackson, VAPosts: 4Member



 when the most hated and harrassed player in the game tries to inform people that what thay are doing can result in federal charges...


 well   read for yourself


V" Copy and paste in address bar " V


This is the actual live thread on the Requiem Memento Mori Forum Site...



 So this guy ,,, Htorihpes , Finealy gets serious about getting harrased all the time and decides to give fair warning...

Go see what his response was from the community of requiem.


the requiem community really hates this guy... and has taken to threatening his life while in game,,,, among other threats and forms of harrassment....


the staff responsable for behavior managment in the game turns a blind eye against this injustice,,,


 I would not be suprized if Htorihpes takes legal action against Gravity and ends up owning the US servers and having them shut down for good


ADDED after the fact

the Gravity Forums Moderators have deleted all traces of the thread on their site.... because it would promote bad publicity

and might get their company sued by " Htorihpes "


 Gravity is quick to cover up any evidence that might get them in trouble  but is not at all interested in the well being of their players,,,


 some people posted suicide encouragment pictures, others made comments like " just F!@K!NG do it "

..... the forums moderators might ban this " Htorihpes's " account for good because the community won't stop harrassing him...


 even tho he did nothing wrong...

how fair is that


  • CleffyCleffy San Diego, CAPosts: 5,405Member Rare

    The requiem forums are full of trolls.  Nothing you can really do about that.  There are about 6~10 people on the requiem forums that reply to everyone as a troll.  Threads can go over 100 replies long of different insults and egging on these few people do.  I would say they are not representative of the community, just a bunch of spamming trolls.  They usually don't delete threads to hide evidence.  They delete them because they have become over-trolled.  Many valid threads have been closed due to excessive trolling.

    Htiropes topics are usually posted in the wrong forum, and the way he refers to himself in the 3rd person is odd.  Also alot of people probably mistaken him for a community manager because his name is similar to the community managers.

  • deathgiantdeathgiant Piney Flats, TNPosts: 32Member

    A game that I wont bother trying out. Thanks for the info. It's almost scary how the devs are controlled by the terror tactics of their customers. I wonder if they can sleep at night, or if they delude themselves as to what virtues are worth compromising in order to get money.



    I do not know the circumstances of what happened here, just that I am deeply concerned about how threats and such are looked over because of it being put forth by a 'troll.' As in, 'oh, he is just trolling, dont mind him.' Sticks and stones . . . but words do hurt.

    *End Edit*

  • demonic87demonic87 strathroy, ONPosts: 438Member Uncommon

    Well its now illegal to harass people over the internet, phones, etc.

    This guy could probably get some legal stuff thrown down on either the people or the game devs.

  • zellmerzellmer Fakesville, WIPosts: 442Member Uncommon

    warpportal basically handles everything for requiem and the other 2 or 3 games.


    With descriptions like:

    Creative Contraptions


    Post your pics or GTFO


    Are you surprised that the game seems like it was run by a bunch of 4chan goers/12 year olds...?

  • CleffyCleffy San Diego, CAPosts: 5,405Member Rare

    I like Warp Portal. Its alot more sophisticated then the old website and methods to connect. Such as the Requiem forums prohibit people under the age of 18 from reading them without any sort of authorization. Its also so much more stream lined. As a perveyer of forums, Warp Portal has had a positive impact against such trolling. The trolls have pretty much been drowned out.

  • l3ossm4nl3ossm4n Montoursville, PAPosts: 10Member you know how he could aviod that, by just not replying, end of story

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