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[Destruction] (Badlands) Deathsword's Chosen

rogueshotrogueshot Dallas, NCPosts: 18Member Uncommon

Deathsword's Chosen


Realm: Destruction

Server: Badlands

Guild Type: RVR/Raid/Engame/SC Premade

Ranks Needed - T1-T4

Career's Needed - All

About us:

Deathsword's Chosen is a guild within the Silent Warriors Gamming Community.

SW Gamming is a multi-gaming group that has been around since 2001. We have branches in many games including but not limited to RoM, Cabal, Nostale, WoW, Guild Wars, COD4, COD5 & MW2, and many other FPSes and MMOs

We are a community known for our laid back and love to have fun style along with our willingness to help all players not just our own members with quests, leveling ect...

We have many players from all over the world. So we are pretty much a 247 clan. So EU or US players are very welcome.

Requirements: Age 18+ , Have Teamspeak 3 or are willing to download it, be friendly and have some fun.


Guild Rules:

1. Treat others as you would like to be treated. You will be shown the same respect as you give.

2. This is a guild, we are here to help each other grow with the game and the guild. If your busy we understand but if your standing around then give a helping hand to your fellow guild mate and you will be sure to get one back when you need it.

3. Guild leechers, beggers & whiners will be dealt with in a way you will not like. We play this game to have fun not to babysit and cater to one individual.

4. We are a multi-national clan. If you have a problem with another country keep it to yourself. One individual or a group of them does not make up the country in its whole.

5. Be active. If your going to be gone for more then 14 days please post on our forums or tell an admin so that we do not mark you as inactive and boot you from the guild.


How to join:

To join the Deathsword's Chosen, Contact a member in-game, At this time we are recruiting any class any level.



Guild Master: Blissta






Or PM me here on the forums


{SWG} HealShot
US & EU PvP and Raiding Guild. We are recruiting!
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