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New Graphics

pndppndp cbaMember Posts: 1

Hi all!! A month ago this game, Eternal Lands, had a major graphics update, it looks really great now :)

I love this game, it has new additions and updates pretty often, it runs on Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux.

It can turn into an addiction.


Give it a chance. (people are still working on the new trailers, but the screenshots have the new graphics)


Dipi (ingame name)



  • ioviperx24ioviperx24 hayward, CAMember Posts: 2

    imageimageimageyes new graphics are awesome

  • ShariShari WolverhamptonMember Posts: 736 Uncommon

    I logged in today to give the game a try and my character looks all messed up with shards sticking out of him, the water is also all messed up. I have the latest graphics drivers and I can't seem to find any help in the official forums


  • socialstatussocialstatus Maplegrove, MNMember Posts: 72

    Ahh good to know that other people out there can truly appericiate the great game that is EL :)

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  • Gabby-airGabby-air surrey, BCMember Posts: 3,440 Uncommon

    A great improvement over the older graphics, props to devs.

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