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Generic Application Error

fireguy97fireguy97 Edison, NJPosts: 18Member

Whenever I try to play this game, I get a Generic Application Error. The client patches, gameguard patches, but then when the game is loading I get this error. This is before the login screen appears, and so I have never even seen the login screen yet! The first couple of times, the following 3 errors appeared. Seeing the message in the second screen, I decided to download and install the DirectX SDK. After downloading the SDK, I tryed launching the game again, the same thing happened, except the second popup wasn't there anymore. And now that happens every single time I try to launch the game.




Looking through the official game forums, I found that there were multiple threads on the site, each thread several pages long. All of these people had the same probelm, and I found out this problem has been occuring since CBT. As I did not see any solution on the game forums, I decided to come here. So now I'm hoping that one of you guys will be able to help me access the game.image



  • BranXBranX London, ONPosts: 74Member

    The second error msg says to download directx SDK, try to find it and DL it.

  • fireguy97fireguy97 Edison, NJPosts: 18Member

    Originally posted by BranX

    The second error msg says to download directx SDK, try to find it and DL it.

    Did you even read my entire post?!! I said I downloaded the SDK and the second message disappeared, but the others still came.

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