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Pure Artistic Vision - A Guild Wars 2 Concept Art Q&A with Daniel Dociu

ThomasN7ThomasN7, NJPosts: 6,690Member

70 artists & a delicate balance between style and realism.

From FIFA Soccer to Mechwarrior, James Bond, and a variety of IPs and titles in-between, Daniel Dociu's artistic work in the field of game art spans decades. More recently, however, Daniel's artistic vision has helped imbue Guild Wars and its expansions with a style that is unique among MMORPGs since the very beginning.

As we learn more about Guild Wars 2, a project that's massive in size and scope when compared to its predecessor, we've also been exposed to some incredible concept art from Daniel and his team. That art, the vision behind it, and the inner-workings of the ArenaNet art department - these topics are the subject of our latest exclusive Guild Wars 2 concept art Q&A with Daniel Dociu, Chief Art Director.

"[Guild Wars 2] is significantly bigger. The maps are anywhere from three to four times larger and there’s also just more maps. In addition to that, we have underwater maps which increases the real estate of the explorable portions of the map by another order of magnitude. It is also a true 3D game, as opposed to the first Guild Wars, so we have multiple tiered buildings and structures and this also adds to the total “square mileage” of playable area. I can’t give you a hard number as to how much bigger Guild Wars 2 is, but it’s a huge leap from Guild Wars. " - Daniel Dociu


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  • illyanaillyana quezon cityPosts: 614Member Uncommon

    good find

    Have fun storming the castle! - Miracle Max

  • SweetZoidSweetZoid HindPosts: 437Member

    Its gay that they are still going with the portal thing when they said it wont be any..and just have them for instances(Thinking about when he said 2000maps)Sure the maps will be 3-4 times bigger, but still. "Guild Wars 2 will be a persistent world" if there is portals between every area then it will get totally wierd.

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