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Why I think Tibia is bad and you should avoid it!

tibiasuxtibiasux aaaaPosts: 2Member

Hi :)


I think Tibia is very bad game!


Tibia has terrible game-play, its very boring to level up, and leveling up is killing a lot of monsters in 1 spot for many hours alone because tibia doesnt have good party hunting system, and if you will die you will lose levels and items. Its very stupid, because most of deaths are because of  nearly all time LAGS and KICKS. Tibia servers are looking like nearly deserted (200-500 players), only around 20-30k players online on all servers. Tibia even doesnt have servers for places other than germany and usa, even if most of players are Polish, Brazylian or Swedish, its hard to comunicate in languages with players. Servers look like deserted, but  its like most of players are BOTTERS (cheaters, hackers, auto hunting). Tibia automaticated bot detection nearly doesnt work (people just pause cheating after mass banning). GMs are "free volontariats" and dont care too much about rule enforcing other than banning their enemies, its hard even to see any of them even on forumes where you can see them only during set up threads when other volontariat characters pretend that gms did help them, because tibia rules are made like most of players can be banished. Tibia high levels are cheating, rude, often they are gold traders. can always log out if u dont like this game  is typical for anwsering to new players, and high levels often SCAM, STEAL, KILL, CHEAT to new players.

Tibia graphic is "terrible", its not because "tibia is old", its because is boring! most of places are endless plains of grass, snow or dirt. Sometimes there are mountains, but they are FLAT, and are like grass plaints but just they are gray. Tibia doenst have any shadows or lighting, even when "ambilight is turned off".  but tibia is WORKING SLOW even on newest computers with quad cores, because tibia client wasnt upgraded since windows 95 !!! CRAZY! 

Tibia doesnt have a lot of content. All you can do is endless hunting monsters in boring looking caves for many hours. Tibia pvp is very boring its holding 1  spell key until attacked person will die because of boredom....  Tibia has few spells and only 3-4 are good for using in game.  The best part is tibia doesnt have any rewards for being hihg level other than you can you can 1 shot new players. Tibia doesnt have level limit, that means you will be killing dragons or demons in 1 hunting place until you get bored of game!!!  Tibia has around 100 quests. Includign "quests" just with 1 chest, like there is hidden chest, you open it, it has 100 gold, end of quest. Tibia interesting quests end after newbe introduction! later its endless killing of monsters! Tibia doesnt have lore! sometimes people pretend they have found "secret quest for magic long sword" but they wont show revard, and they wont prove they did find that quest. Tibia has around 100 armors and swords. You will know them by sould after 1 month of playing. And Tibia economy is endless price losing. Most of items cost nearly the same like npc price, or even lower!  Tibia looks very chaotic and not thought like it should look like. Tibia "updates" dont add anything new other than few armors 1 quest and some random hunting places. Most updates are cleared after few hours or players even dont bother to check them!!!


Typical tibia systuations are like you hunt for many hours or days to get your next level and in last moment you get suddenly diconnected from servers because "tibia is under ddos attack" haha!

Other stupid things are like Tibia creators were students, and tibia was theyr homework..... Other thing is that even tibia creators did belive no1 is crazy person to get high levels in tibia so they didnt put limits. that is true reason. High levels in Tibia can run by all tibia map in 5 minutes.  Best items in game are bought at 50 level ?!?! 100 level can explore all content in game!!! Party is pointless ! You cant invite players other way than clicking on them, you cant locate on map, you can see who is party, who is leader etc etc.  Tibia outfits are terrible ! You can have 12 outfits, that means in city most people look like you, but little other colours !















If you want to hurt your self, or you want to become unstable emotionaly  you should try tibia!


Have "fun" in tibia :)!



  • Panther2103Panther2103 Edmonds, WAPosts: 3,013Member Uncommon

    Such a bad troll.

  • tibiasuxtibiasux aaaaPosts: 2Member

    Originally posted by Panther2103

    Such a bad troll.

    Sorry Im not troll :)


    I dont use that website and my english is poor, but I wanted to warn other people before that game!

    I dont want to be troll I shared my opinions. you are welcome to say what you think too, and we can chat. and I know my name is stupid ! :)

  • AzureProwerAzurePrower AustraliaPosts: 1,531Member Uncommon

    Sadly this is the Tibia I remember.

    The game does have some good points of a non-linear sandbox. However the bad points totally ruin this game.

    Avoid it at all costs.

  • june32ndjune32nd Monroe twp, NJPosts: 122Member

    Originally posted by tibiasux

    yadda, yadda, yadda, complain, complain, poorly structured sentence, bad grammar.

    that is one bad troll... or one pissed off kid


  • TergorTergor RegensburgPosts: 2Member

    He came up with some pretty true points.

  • BLueBEarBLueBEar USA, WIPosts: 242Member

    eberything the OP said is a fact, its been a known fact for a very long time but CIPsoft doesnt care about improving the game bc there are idiots who are paying 2 play it, this game is free 2 play with an optional p2p system for stupid perks and worthless sh^t.


    Oh my got!!!
    i neber see a graphic of this before,
    i neber p2p any game before, but this game i must!

  • Elitekill4Elitekill4 BirminghamPosts: 99Member

    To be honest, I'm siding with the Tibia vets. Merely because although you DO provide valid points, you are emphasising too much and you seem to be shouting in my ear. *rubs ear tentatively*

    If you don't like it, there's thousands of other MMOs that you can play, you don't have to go all /raeg/ on it.

  • MarereMarere savonaPosts: 25Member
    Actually, Tibia has one of the best Open/Hardcore PVP platforms ever seen in any MMORPG. Who denies it either is a crying baby or got pwned like hell.
  • SarlowSarlow Kenner, LAPosts: 1Member

    I started playing Tibia in October 2003. Finally quit in August 2009. I must say that I've enjoyed the time I spent playing it. I met many people, a few of whom I still talk to. In my honest opinion, Tibia definitely isn't for everyone. If you try it and like it, good for you.

    ~Forever Linches of Archinaire (LoA) - Lunara

  • TergorTergor RegensburgPosts: 2Member

    I was playing Tibia for more than 10 years.

    So I can say that the PVP changed during all the years (started with 100% dmg at pvp + exp for killing person + losing all the stuff...), but never was fair at all.

    If highlvls and their friends would have hunt you and you wouldn't have friends on your own, you would have lost xx hours of the playtime by getting killed by them.

    Infernia comes pretty close to the old system compared to other worlds. Funny that most of the blabla-this-is-a-pvp-world-griefers don't have the balls to play there.

    In the past the community was more mature and tried to keep a balance, so it didn't escalate.

    Also the GMs were choosen out of respected players and did a good job in allowing PKs without letting them rule over the servers.

    Today Tibia has the worst community I ever saw playing a mmorpg (and I tried a lot of different games).

    The GM power is gone and cipsoft doesn't care about the ingame problems.

    While in the past the community killed persons training afk for example these days botting is normal and buying chars also. Everyone knows about that.

    Tibia is a game full of griefers (the way of the free account system of tibia is part of this) and / or people with a bad PC.

    Maybe a few are still playing because of old memories. 

    Most of the old players left (stopped playing at all or switched to other games).


    More text than I was going to post when I started (and I didn't even come up with the lousy usability, the questless monster-grinding ...).

  • RaizeenRaizeen wowPosts: 622Member

    Tibia is such a old game it has already all the players it will ever get so making threads like these are about as pointless as trying to convince Tom Cruise hes in a cult.

  • LudwixLudwix OpolePosts: 73Member Uncommon

    The only game i have so good, so sentimental memories connected with. And the only game I played for so long. it was hmmm 5/6 years? Other mmos lasted me for max 2 months without breaks.

    Tibia had best drama and politics ever.

    Sorry for my eanglish.

  • DrazoDrazo blablaPosts: 24Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by Ludwix

    The only game i have so good, so sentimental memories connected with. And the only game I played for so long. it was hmmm 5/6 years? Other mmos lasted me for max 2 months without breaks.
    Tibia had best drama and politics ever.



    Yea strangly enough it's the drama that brought the sence of community that's lacking in most games.

    That and player owned houses are the up side of this game.

    Rest of the game is real low quality. Bad graphics, boring gameplay due to it being to simple and repetitive etc.

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