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Lets talk professions

HochmeisterHochmeister OxfordPosts: 70Member

I think the professions will be aion style

Warrior might be split into 3 or2- forms Berserker, Paladin, Knight.

I think there might  be Deadly arts group-Assassins,  Mesmer, Stalkers.

Magics group- Elementalist, Mage, Druid.

Ranged group- Rangers,Gunners and Alchemists that work with Golems, forest spirits, Robots and all type of creations.


I got these ideas from the following pictures

File:GDC 2010 weaponset1.pngFile:GDC 2010 weaponset2.png


  • HochmeisterHochmeister OxfordPosts: 70Member

    I don't know what that  thingthat is lek a semi circled with handle is.

    The troch might be related to the gun or might be something completley diffirent.

    I'am not sure what purpose the horn would serve either.

    What does evrey body else think

  • HochmeisterHochmeister OxfordPosts: 70Member

    File:ClassConceptArtmaybe.jpgFile:Charr cannon.jpgThe torch might be used for this.

  • ContrasterContraster CambridgrePosts: 11Member

    Cool pics.I think the professions will be assassins,warrior, elementalists, Gunners, rangers, mesmers and thisame as u on that diffirent typesof warrior except i think each warrior type has its own unique weapons like swordmaster,s hammeres, axe men rest i'am unsure about expecialy  that oval thing u mensioned. It might ba hand heeld cannon that opens up.


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