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The Norsemen--US--Set

GrubbsGradyGrubbsGrady brick, NJPosts: 354Member Uncommon

The Norsemen is a newer guild with a goal of getting majority of the new players/low levels on the Set server to join us.  Our leader has multiple characters at the max level and answers questions/gives a hand throughout the day. We want to create a community within our guild to make grouping and learning the game easier for everyone, since many of the low level zones can feel empty at times.

All levels and classes are welcome to join, though we do not do any endgame so low levels will benefit most from the guild unless you are just the social type of player who likes to help out others!


If you want to join up and help build our home for new players, look me up in game under the name Jerrik, or seek out our guild leader named Skadhi. Also feel free to just leave a reply here to set a time to meet up in game to discuss the guild :)


Happy Hunting,


Grubbs Grady


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