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acc hack or regnum bug lvl 50ty acc's

cowboy_17_1cowboy_17_1 blackwell, OKPosts: 1Member

Hello i am Death Seeker lvl 50 alsius hunter and War Lord lvl 50 alsius barb are my most known chars

resion i am postin this topic is to tell everyone that mine and alooot of outher lvl 50ty acc's are bein taken

and i have sent emails to there support and posted on there fourm only to be told they wont lission to me

no more and that if u post and more topic about my issue they will ban the new id i made because my old

ones been taken and they removed my topics off there fourm i have payed for they permium items and

even bought a premium acc i have spent over 700$ in usa money on there items and a a day after my

last payment was sent my acc was taken and i no longer and login to it this is a issue that needs to be

fixed  asap so im makein this post here to people can talk openly with out worry of ban by ngd

ty to all thos who have shown there support to me and outhers havein this issue



  • 3DG.E3DG.E LPosts: 28Member

    NGD currently has a support problem and they can't answer to everyone and help with every problem. Because there are tons of cases that have stacked up their support box. You just need to be patient, spamming clearly isn't going to get you anywhere, take it from me. Good luck in getting yours chars back.

  • ramsli11ramsli11 Maxville, ONPosts: 5Member

    Understand NGD is a 10-12 person Team who have been working on there models for the past few monthes. Having just released them they are Busy trying to work out the bugs and any issues to give there Fanbase the best possible gaming experience.


    Email them and be patient. instead of being childish and spamming the Regnum Forums and now the MMORPG Forum with this issue.

  • GidSlackGidSlack Vancouver, BCPosts: 173Member

    Actually, this issue has been resolved.  You can find the thread in the official forums if you care to look.  

    NGD managed to get the player his account back -- someone else had managed to log into it, though not sure if this was a hack, social engineering or what.

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