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Been reading a lot of threads....

HorusraHorusra maryland, MDPosts: 3,494Member Rare

about people complaining about the end content of games...about having to raid the same things or do the same things over and over...WoW, DDO, EQ2, LoTR...are just examples of individuals games that people have complained about recently.


In our restricted MMO world how fast do people think a company can profitably (I think that is a word) turn out content for the top end and keep people satisfied while also keeping up quality?  What else is there to add to end game to make people play and not complain?  What do people want that realistically can be given? 


If MMO had an End then why would people keep playing.  Seems the end of all games is just the rinse and repeat raid grind for items.  Whether that is PVP or PVE grind.


  • AethaerynAethaeryn Woodstock, ONPosts: 2,471Member Uncommon

    I agree.  I think the games would have more longevity if they had more paths to get through the regular levelling so that you didn't have to do the same thing there over and over..  but I guess that would take even more resources to do.

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  • AlysenMinaseAlysenMinase Long Island, NYPosts: 361Member

    An easy solution for this is kind of like FFXI's, IMO. Just give the player the option to switch classes on the same character while keeping there level of there previous class when they want to switch back so they don't have to do endgame if they don't want to, and give the players options for endgame. FFXI has regular raids, like any MMO. But it has things like defending a city from a swarm of mobs, raids where players start with limits placed on them (like no hand armour, no subjob, etc) and as they progress, they get very few items that have to be used strategically to unlock limits to finish it.

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