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patshirpatshir PortoviejoPosts: 114Member


I was wondering what is the utility of a strongbox if all what I can store there is only local, I can harvest a spawn one hour and deposit all the loot in the strongbox, BUT HOW DO I GET THE LOOT TO BANK?, anyone can just see how a player harvests the spawn and when that player is going to leave with the loot then he can be attacked and the utility of the strongbox has been zero. Only delayed the gank.

Perhaps I misunderstood something but in my opinion if the strongbox is only local I think it is a bad idea, and things get worse if the box lasts only 2 hours and things get worse again if someone with siege equipment can destroy them.

Any ideas of how they must be used?


  • HotjazzHotjazz BalsfjordPosts: 742Member

    I haven`t tried strongboxes yet, but this is how I think it will work.

    -Place box

    -store loot

    -pick up loot from box

    -Bindstone to city



    It`s just a place to store loot so you don`t get overburden while you farm. Sure a PK with siege equipments can take the loot from you, but I doubt many will carry a lot of battlespikes. It`s mainly made for storing equipment and supplies in sieges I guess.

  • HotjazzHotjazz BalsfjordPosts: 742Member

    -Cost 1 building module.

    -Last for two hour. You can see the minutes counting down on the strongbox.

    -Can be destroyed with 10 battlespikes or 8 heavy battlespikes.

    -You have 10 minutes for looting after the strongbox is broken.


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