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seems good..

siro888siro888 CrewePosts: 3Member Common

the game seemed good at first, then when i try to download it, i can't... what bullshit is that? X3


  • CleffyCleffy San Diego, CAPosts: 5,139Member Uncommon

    Currently Requiem's client is being updated.  So they might have download errors for the main client.  Gravity does a poor job at maintaining their website and mirror sites.  I don't know the working links to the client.  Submit a ticket.

  • siro888siro888 CrewePosts: 3Member Common

    ahhh i dont know, i'll try, if its having an update, i'll wait :)

  • sadeisinsanesadeisinsane Phoenix, AZPosts: 58Member

    try, I found it there.

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