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How To Buy/ Sell Jaden - Banker Etsuk in 7 Simple Steps!

reivahreivah adffdPosts: 1Member

Jaden Trade - Banker Etsuk

Jaden to Cash / Jaden to Gold Exchange (click to watch)

Making Profit in Banker (click to watch)

This is a guide for Banker Etsuk feature Jaden Trade. I noticed many players are still looking on how to exchange their Cash(Gold) to Jaden / Jaden to Cash(Gold). Many guides are already posted similar to this but it seem quite confusing. I hope this guide will make it easier for you to understand.

Cash To Jaden

Jaden To Cash

Making Profit In Banker

Be sure to watch the videos below for more detailed "step-by-step" instructions.

Jade Dynasty Tutorial Videos On YouTube:

Jaden/ Ingot Trading Basics

How To Make A Profit From Buying, Selling, Trading Jaden/ Ingot

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