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Xin Gaming Recruiting [Hardcore] Oceanic based players

AseenusAseenus MelbournePosts: 1,844Member

Xin Gaming is an Australian multi-gaming organization, bringing together the most skillful gamers in the country. Xin Gaming was founded by 'Aseenus' in 2009 for the sole purpose of making an Australian based team to compete at a professional level.

We have recently opened Recruitment for Guild Wars 2! Feel free to apply at All players must be 18+ years of age no exception. We are looking for experienced MMO players or better yet Guild Wars 1 players. All officer positions are open so get in before they’re taken! Be sure to fill out the application form in full or expect to be denied.

We are looking for active and 'hardcore gamers' which aim to be the best in the country/world etc in mainly the PvP aspect of the game. If once the game comes out you under perform you will be let go therefore only apply if you are confident in yourself.

Good luck!

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