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MO's active community

MannyManaMannyMana San Rafael, CAPosts: 121Member Uncommon

I haven't heard much good news about the game but it seems that people have been saying the world is empty. I am not sure if that is so true anymore... Here's the proof:


  • TesMicaTesMica TaipeiPosts: 1Member Uncommon

    This is super interesting lol 

  • charlizdcharlizd sydneyPosts: 923Member Uncommon

     I would say that is no where near an empty world, well it is in the sense that most ppl are staying around towns atm crafting and trying stuff out in that perspective, there is enough fighting down in and around towns to not have to worry about venturing out to find one lol and not all mobs are in game yet so there is another reason ppl are not out exploring atm. Te 3 main towns i venture too, Fabernum, Meduli, and Vadda are like that video most of the time busier in peak times of course.

    Once the game is live you will see a big diff in the population hanging around towns as people will need to venture out in the wilds to find Mining nodes e.t.c due to the depleting ones that will be in place once game goes live.

    Plus the new mobs in place will get ppl out more and you will very likely find alot of guild/territory battles going on to see who secures the best Keep/House spots e.t.c.

    I have never come across a dull moment in Nave since i have been testing, always something to keep you entertained ^^


  • GobwarGobwar IisalmiPosts: 121Member

    Nice video!

    You can burn me, but i wont die.

  • DiekfooDiekfoo MalmöPosts: 583Member

    Nice video. After the patch today we will see even more people. I know several people waiting for the desync to be fixed. 

  • HerculesSASHerculesSAS Hell, WYPosts: 1,272Member

    If you actually watch the video, there aren't that many people at one given time, but with the speedup it seems like it is.


    The reality is that it is probably the same group of 30-50 people running in and out of town. Probably full of lag and desync.

  • rlmccoy1987rlmccoy1987 Raymond, MSPosts: 1,722Member

    The world is empty.  The video is of the most popular town with about 40 people walking around it.  Once you get outside of that town, there are barely any mobs, just empty fields.

  • HeretiqueHeretique Posts: 1,350Member Uncommon

    To me, for an MMO that is pretty empty. For all I know that could be the same 20-40 people running around town.

    I am not sure if that is so true anymore... Here's the proof:

    This is pretty upsetting to, taking a look at the video the game does seem empty (at least that certain point of the game). If this video is meant to "prove" that the game has an active community then you have failed sir.

    Originally posted by salsa41
    are you have problem ?

  • HanoverZHanoverZ SwanseaPosts: 1,239Member

    Thats over a 6+ hour period and theres no more than 8-10 players on screen at any one time. (plus 7-11 static NPCs)

    I could make my house look like it has 100+ people if i recorded a hallway in time-lapse for 6+ hours.

    I win!!! LOL@U

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