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Looking for an English speaking European Clan.

causscauss sonnegaPosts: 665Member Uncommon

As my title says, looking for an English speaking European Clan. Playing the game now for about 4 weeks. Doing all the starter towns for AP. Starting to feel a bit lonely out in the wild.. So if there is anyone who would like to pick me up, feel free to do so!

Some information: Dutch, but live in Ireland at the moment. 19 years old, will be 20 soon. Sick of hopping from game to game, basically because I never join a clan. Well, hope you lads read the forums!




Prefer: Crafting/PVE. No roleplaying.



  • causscauss sonnegaPosts: 665Member Uncommon


  • Ex0dUs101Ex0dUs101 ManchesterPosts: 269Member Uncommon

     You will have much more success on the official forums, good luck in your hunt

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