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Recent Siege Video

RedruumRedruum Aurora, ILPosts: 306Member Uncommon

Hello everyone!

Here is some video of how the game is progressing with sieges.  Unfortunately the guild we went to attack didn't show, but we will get more video's up here soon of people that actually defend.  If you are wondering if performance has increased with sieges, yes they have.


  • ThornrageThornrage Eastern North CarolinaPosts: 648Member Uncommon

    The first siege I ever participated in happened last night on Wiccana. The only thing I had to change from normal game play was reducing the particles from "Show All" to "Group Only." There was no outlandish lag or constant disconnects. I did not disconnect once.

    There were two full raid groups attacking two full raid groups. That is a total of 98 people fighting at once.

    We were able to crash through the walls and eventually take down the Keep. The only problem we had was a zone crash after the Keep went down.

    Does Funcom need to work on sieges?  Yes they could tweak it for optimum performance,

    Are sieges broken? Not from the experience I just had.


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