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A return to T4C

Margo-HGMMargo-HGM Fort Polk, LAPosts: 1Member

Many people are starting to return to The 4th Coming for which I am very happy to see.

T4C is an older MMPORG, a smaller community based game, and a lot of fun.

Whether you want to be a mage, archer, warrior, thief, etc.. T4C may just be the right game for you.

The Trilogy server is one of the best in my opinion, the GM's are there to help, not baby-sit, the players are not there to just PK you from the start, and the server itself is adding upgrades weekly now.

Trilogy has changed to a free server with paid areas, added massive new quests, monsters, items, and more. Every part of the game that is original is free now, with much more added to the free areas as well. you are in no way hindered if you choose to stay with only the free side of the game. no time limitations, play restrictions, etc.

They are developing a totally new development team who actually listens to what the players want and need. The ideas that they are implementing are beyond anything that any other server has.

We have noticed that the player base is gearing more towards the older crowd, (30-60), but we have players from every age group.

I would love to welcome you to try T4Ctrilogy today!

Take care,



Bright Blessings,
T4C's ONLY Elite Mature Server



  • arnaki3000arnaki3000 thessalonikiPosts: 66Member Uncommon

    anyone interested in a free official server with hardcore pvp settings and decent amount of players online should definately try

    abomination t4c. They fixed a lot of the 1.25v bugs and they try to keep the game as original as possible.

    i started there a few weeks ago with a friend and we have a lot of fun.

  • LunarheartsLunarhearts ha noiPosts: 29Member

    could u pls show me how to log in this game, i downloaded it, but  i when i chose IP:  i could not connect to it. Please help me, thank you!


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