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Would you play a 100% PVE MMO, No PVP at all ?

Kaynos1972Kaynos1972 Quebec, QCPosts: 2,316Member

And please give the reasons for your answers.  Personally PVP has never been my cup of tea.   It's not that i never tried, i just dont feel any sense of accomplishement fighting others peoples for what really  ?  Bragging rights ?   There is already TONS of pvp game out there, mostly shooters, why does every MMO that comes out MUST have some sort of PVP in it ?   Do you think we could have a succesful MMO without the PVP aspect ?



  • Toquio3Toquio3 LisbonPosts: 1,074Member

    Im not a competitive person and I think pvp / competition brings out the worst in people. Also there is my signature =P

    If you stand VERY still, and close your eyes, after a minute you can actually FEEL the universe revolving around PvP.

  • DollMighty8313DollMighty8313 St. Cloud, MNPosts: 179Member

     No I wouldn't, mainly because MMO I enjoy interaction with other people.  Sure PvE can still be like dungeons and stuff like that but I still enjoy the whole "forbidden area" stuff where you just don't generally go somewhere because your storyline nemesis is there.  I still enjoy that aspect of games.  If not for that and MMO would just feel like I was playing an Elder Scrolls game or something.

  • MMOman101MMOman101 Posts: 1,439Member Uncommon

    Especially if it was group based!!!!!

  • ThomasN7ThomasN7 1, NJPosts: 6,690Member

    Hell yeah because I wouldn't have to listen to the whines and rants of pvp players about imbalance and how the devs broke their build of the month.

  • Hrayr2148Hrayr2148 Burbank, CAPosts: 649Member

    FFXI and soon, FFXIV.

  • LoktofeitLoktofeit Stone Mountain, GAPosts: 14,247Member Rare

    Hell Yeah! I'm a PvP fan, but a good PvE game would still hold my attention. A good example is, well... any of the three Turbine MMOs. I haven't touched PvP in any of those in a year or two and I find each one really enjoyable to play.

    There isn't a "right" or "wrong" way to play, if you want to use a screwdriver to put nails into wood, have at it, simply don't complain when the guy next to you with the hammer is doing it much better and easier. - Allein
    "Graphics are often supplied by Engines that (some) MMORPG's are built in" - Spuffyre

  • DeltorDeltor Denver, COPosts: 47Member

    There was a game back in 2005-2006 that was called SEED. It didn't have any combat, but was built upon the scenario of a degrading space station where players had to work together to survive, form governments of their own, and maintain their environment (etc). Unfortunately it didn't last long.

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  • godzilr1godzilr1 scottsdale, AZPosts: 550Member Uncommon

    it would  realyl have to make it so that groups are present at all times to be ablt to get through content.  Don't make me sit in LFG for 3 hours a night and not be able to solo anyhting to pass the time, that makes my subscription very short.

  • eveque67eveque67 Weatherford, OKPosts: 64Member Uncommon

    Not only play.. but pay also.

  • StevieHmselfStevieHmself im not giving my town either, CAPosts: 134Member

     Me, no, others, possibly. I feel that PvP adds so much content to the game, unexpected things can always happen, it iwll never be as fun to fight an AI mob than a real person..... Aslong as the developers do it well.

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  • ShamorauShamorau melbournePosts: 179Member Uncommon

    For sure i would play PvE only. I don't neccessarily like the attitude that is getting round that pvp is be all and end all of an mmo. While it does encourage interaction of players which is great. It also encourages such things as griefing. The problem i see with some of the games today is that they try to do both and dont really succeed at either. If a game came out that was purely PvE but you need the help of others to complete certain tasks such as healing or even trading it would be better than trying to do both and failing at both. Also the probs with pure PvE is the storyline that runs through a game, they would need to get that right to keep interest as well as reasons for going to raid dungeon X.

  • KenaoshiKenaoshi Porto AlegrePosts: 1,022Member Uncommon

    If it has one hell of a combat system, with a one hell of customization, with a one hell of features to make me forget pvp HELL YEAH, but that utopia will remain in my dreams =)

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  • TalthanysTalthanys Millersville, MDPosts: 458Member

    No, I wouldn't.

    I was, at first, a very PvE person. My first MMORPG was UO, and I shied from PvP and embraced the PvE. As a roleplayer, I mistakenly believed PvP and RP could not exist together. The formation of Trammel seemed to bear this out, but I was wrong. RP is drama, it is conflict, it is overcoming obstacles. So, I've come to believe that you cannot have true, meaningful RP without the possibility to PvP. Especially in mideval settings/games where very often might indeed make right. Essentially, the two playstyles are married as ideals, though we can all admit that there is no existing ideal.

    But, RP philosophies aside, not having PvP in any form (open or instanced, FFA or restricted) seems artifical to me. A little bit of the world dies without competition on that level, without that style of freedom and choice and opportunity. I like pitting my ability against another thinking, breathing person as much as I love hoisting a tankard of ale with clanmates in a RP tavern.

    Yes, PvP is a playstyle that attracts a certain type of crowd that are there to do nothing other than grief. They aren't RPing villains or murderers, not really. They are simply there to grief. But the wonderful part is, it attracts other types as well. Honorable and empathic people (at least in-game). Having a game that is completely PvE denies potential nobility among the refuse, it buries that diamond in the rough, and stifles the world in which the game is set. To some, these pros do not outweigh the cons.

    To me, they do.


  • Ramonski7Ramonski7 Aurora, ILPosts: 2,661Member Uncommon

    PvP in MMos (in it's current state )is nothing more than an attempt for delinquents and unskilled FPS players to compare their achievements against themselves in a RPG setting and attempt to use those merits to justify their hardcore status..... They do this because they KNOW they don't have enough skill to accomplish anything when they play actual FPSs.


    Either that or it's FPS players that feel the need to justify their inner nerd for MMOs by telling their friends that PvPing in MMOs is actually a thing of importance when it really isn't in a MMO.


    But to answer your question, I don't think I would enjoy a PvE only game for too long because it limits the ability to fully commit yourself in a living breathing world and the dangers of coming up on devious players (not to be confused with asshats with an attitude).


    Until the ego, self-centered PvPer becomes a minority to the real mentally stable PvPers. I'll take limited PvP servers like those found in WoW. To me it was the perfect balance for PvE and PvP.

    "Small minds talk about people, average minds talk about events, great minds talk about ideas."

  • GreenieGreenie Orange Park, FLPosts: 553Member

    I would not enjoy an MMO that was pve only. At least I don't think I would. PvE just does not bring a huge rush of excitement, although for it's social aspects I do love it. After a while though, it becomes very easy to go into "farm" mode.

    When it comes to pve and playing with friends, I think I'll have more fun on a console game with a storyline going and me and a friend trying to work our way through the game, similar to when the Playstation first came out and Resident Evil 1 was released.

    When it comes to an MMO I want pvp that feels like I am affecting the environment/world if even only temporarily. My love for DaoC's  RvR in it's glory days has not been surpassed yet. Currently I am playing EvE but have not ventured into low sec and started pvp'n yet. When I find a good corp then I'll attempt that avenue. Very much looking forward to Earthrise though.

    Basically, without pvp I just don't feel like a game can be entertaining long enough that I can justify paying for it. The storyline/movie footage from a console game is much more entertaining and loot grinds do not interest me.

  • TatumTatum houston, TXPosts: 1,153Member

    Yea, I would...if the PvE was better than what we've had to this point.  Actually, I'm still waiting for some one to deliver a true, cooperative PvE MMO.  This small group, instanced, level/gear grind stuff doesn't really cut it.  You need a common goal for the player base, some thing that will create a community and give you a real reason for all of the killing and questing.  And challenging, unpredictable combat wouldn't hurt...

  • Esther-ChanEsther-Chan Prestonsburg, KYPosts: 288Member

    Yes. I actually don't like PvP of any kind. I do participate in it but only because it usually offers alternate character advancement that sometimes can't be ignored.


    It is in my opinion that PvP brings out the worst in people, but I digress. Simply put, I would definitely play a PvE only MMORPG and be happy doing so.

  • EricDanieEricDanie Rio de JaneiroPosts: 2,238Member

    Yes, I would. "No PvP" isn't on my "avoid game at all costs" list for MMO selection.

  • PlutonicwoesPlutonicwoes Huntsville, ALPosts: 343Member Uncommon

    PVP is the last thing I care about in a game.  So I would. 

  • ThedrizzleThedrizzle Palm Coast, FLPosts: 322Member

    100% PvE? it was called Horizons and it didnt last too long.(Damn thats probably a game most people didnt play)

  • GTwanderGTwander San Diego, CAPosts: 6,035Member Uncommon

    FFXI is one of my favorite MMOs of all time, and it barely had any semblance of PvP in it's "ballista" sports-like game. I never even bothered with it during my entire run. If you ask me, it was probably for the better since you didn't see a single person bitch about how lame the PvP really was, because nobody did it. I'd rather have a game with a reputation for *no* PvP than one with mediocre PvP.

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  • whozthisguywhozthisguy Edmonton, ABPosts: 186Member Uncommon

    i generally have no interest in mmo pvp. i have more fun communicating with opposing fractions than i do killing them. with mmos, i prefer player teamwork against something u cant find in real life (a massive dragon, or huge fire elementals) that have an epic story to it.

    if i want pvp i play FPS, or go play basketball or hockey. cant quite get a group of 20-40 ppl together in real life and all focus as a group on one overwhelming entity.

  • PalebanePalebane Tucson, AZPosts: 3,225Member

    I haven't been able to enjoy PvP in MMOs for a long time now. I can still get my fix for free with the great FPS that are out though.

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  • WizardryWizardry Ontario, CanadaPosts: 11,990Member Epic

    yes of course i/we would,FFXI is not only a PVE game,but there is only 2 areas that FFXI does not surpass all other games.Those two areas are graphics and solo game play.I do not care one bit about solo game play,there is still things you can do solo like craft or take part in some of the content like Besieged or Campaign,chocobo raising/racing/arena ect ect.

    So far PVP has not done a single thing to improve the RPG game play,all devs have done is allow players to kill each other,so what?They have not implemented PVP very well,poor map designs for pvp,no balance,time spent matters more than skill,pretty much the weakest possible pvp design a dev can make devs have done exactly that.

    You want CONTENT? FFXI surpasses every game on the market be it a PVE or PVP game,not hard however,PVP games have literally no content.

    You want class customization?FFXI again blows the doors off the competition through it's sub class system,ability to play every class on the same player,RACE makes a big difference [not superficial like other games].You want to make your player look pretty,go play Sims,you want your player to have meaning play FFXI.

    Quests have meaning inside the game rather than superficial leveling reasons.They play a part in Fame/Rank/and story line.Synchronized teamwork in FFXI plays a much larger part than most other games,albeit still has it's moments when players still solo themselves within a group,not the games fault,it's the players fault.

    Players talk of skill over gear?Well FFXI allows a very skillful player to actually solo where an average player would just die easily.Even if you include the top gear,two players with equal top end gear,one can shine while the other can fail badly,yes it is a much higher skill game than pretty much anything you can play in the market.

    Unlike other games where players race to end game level,in FFXI you can be a level 75 and still be a total noob,there is so much to learn from MANY different mobs,i am not talking instance bosses i am talking normal game world mobs,there are some that can destroy a higher level player quickly,how many games can say that?Most if not ALL games need you to enter some instance mob that is only hard because he has massive hit points or does massive damage,try fighting mobs that offer tough AI in the normal world,there are some that can leave you no chance.


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  • svannsvann san jose, CAPosts: 1,865Member Uncommon

    pvp is overated by forum posters and not supported by most gaming companies.

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