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Istaria: Chronicles of the Gifted: Free to Play Vs. Pay to Play

StraddenStradden Managing EditorHalifax, NSPosts: 6,696Member Common

Did you know that Istaria actually offers three distinct pricing plans, one of which is a totally f2p option? Istaria Reporter Erin McManaway re-introduces us to the three different ways to pay for the game formerly known as Horizons.

Yes, it’s true, Istaria does have a free to play account option. It’s a newer option to be sure, and I find more often than not that when I mention it, I get a response of surprise. While there are free to play games out there that strike with hidden gimmicks or micro-transactions once they’ve got the player hooked, Istaria is not one of those. In fact, VI offers players three different tiers of subscriptions to choose from, allowing subscribers to pay for the level of play they wish to experience. Do you want to concentrate on one character alone and not get sidetracked by pesky alts - there’s an account for you. Are you an adventurer who enjoys developing multiple characters, but with little interest in settling down and crafting on a plot - there’s an account for you. Or do you want it all -- alts to create, your own player owned plot and account upgrades available - there’s an account for you, too.

The following guide will help to detail the features, pros and cons of each account type. Keep in mind that you can always choose a lower tier subscription to start with and upgrade later (or keep the free account and add a second paid account) if you find you would like more features!

Read Free to Play Vs. Pay to Play - Istaria Options.

Jon Wood
Managing Editor


  • Player_420Player_420 KuesecPosts: 686Member

    Def a good thing to get out there, Horizons was great for its time.

    I play all ghame

  • merv808merv808 Colorado Springs, COPosts: 507Member Uncommon

    Very interesting. lets see how this works out for them.

    I think its a great idea


  • DoomReaperDoomReaper InvernessPosts: 143Member Uncommon

    The free-to-play option is definitely a good one, I recently recommended Horizons to a friend and his partner because the community was always great for couples who like to play online games together. I told him to check out the 14-day trial, now I'll let him know that there is a free-to-play option!

    Have been thinking about dusting off my own account and returning to the lands of Istaria for a couple of weeks now, aside from the lack of PvP (there are two arenas for PvP but no factional conflict interests for PvP to have merit in the game) I think Horizons is as enjoyable as any of the more recent MMO releases such as Fallen Earth. I guess the only reason I stopped playing is because Game Network shut down the European server (Unity) and a lot of fellow players on that server chose not to migrate to the US servers.

  • AywrenAywren Istaria Correspondent Florence, SCPosts: 71Member Uncommon

    Soon would honestly a good time to revisit Istaria as there are a LOT of changes going on this week and next. The Order server is currently undergoing a patch that's rolling out a brand new level 20-40 experience with tons of new content and lots of bug fixes. Chaos will be getting this patch next week. This is an epic-sized patch so that will include some down time, but once the dust settles, there's going to be a lot of great stuff to see and do in Istaria. I'm really looking forward to it! :)



  • OzmodanOzmodan Hilliard, OHPosts: 8,161Member Rare

    Interesting, and I thought this game had died long ago.

  • SweedeSweede NorsborgPosts: 192Member Uncommon

    And the fact that it now works in vista is a boon to, hard to play the game if you can't even get the patcher/launcher to work.


  • ValentinaValentina Los Angeles, CAPosts: 1,769Member Uncommon


  • DyraeleDyraele Tucson, AZPosts: 200Member

    I have been playing free for a few months now. Works great in Windows 7 too.

    AKA - Bruxail

  • SweedeSweede NorsborgPosts: 192Member Uncommon

    Yes since i run vista 64bit having the game run there is a good thing :)


  • InktomiInktomi merrick, NYPosts: 663Member Uncommon

     How is this game?


    Any good?

  • DyraeleDyraele Tucson, AZPosts: 200Member
    Originally posted by Inktomi

     How is this game?
    Any good?


    Well, the best way to find out is to play. Tastes in games vary widely, so it is best to try. If you want my opinion, I would say it is ok, not great. I like crafting, and grinding is grinding no matter what game you choose. The world is fairly large, and there is some lag here and there, but overall a decent game. Kind of empty though.

    AKA - Bruxail

  • KedoremosKedoremos Nashua, NHPosts: 435Member Uncommon

    One important feature that cannot be overlooked with this game is multiclassing.

    Life of an MMORPG "addict"
    For 7 years, proving that if you quote "fuck" you won't get banned.

  • rlyons38rlyons38 ManchesterPosts: 48Member
    Originally posted by Inktomi

     How is this game?
    Any good?

     Exactly what this was all about. It's saying you can play for free with no restrictions... why not just try it? Other people's opinions are usually different from your own anyway.

    - Ross

  • velveetavelveeta wayne, MIPosts: 4Member

    as an 'elder' player of horizons, i can tell you that it has x factor.  that certain something that can't be explained or described.

    for  me, its a combo of the players and the play.  horizons looks like home, and it feels like home.  no home is perfect and neither is istaria.  but its comfortable, its friendly (sometimes more than others, of course! lol), and its deceptively simple.

    its the only game you can play a dragon in, you are not limited to one or two skewls, either crafting or adventuring (i am currently using my second plot construction as a reason to shoot for my 'master builder' emblem!), and i have never ever found another game with more friendly and helpful peeps.  in istaria, we are firm believers in the concept of 'pay it forward'.......

    so come give us a try.  you got nothing to lose, after all - try it for 14 days - if you like it, try a f2p account.  if you really like it, i recommend a gifted account - having a plot or lair gives you something to always be doing!

    choose a shard - order for roleplayers, blight for peeps who like to test and do the most current content (and are the kewlest beans, of course! ;-} ), and chaos for more 'normal' players.....and make sure you get on the forums too.  an excellent place for knowledge and networking.....

    but beware - its a sneaky might think you don't like it and move on, but you will find yourself thinking about it, comparing it to other games.......then one day, BAM! you find yourself back home, and wondering how it happened!  and you will be welcomed back with open arms and joyful hearts!

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