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My Hello kitty

CelebiCelebi sdfsdsdsds, KSPosts: 53Member

I have to say having played this game has been a real treat. The environment is very relaxed, and there is no constant demand to level up or kill thousands of boars in the Arathi Highlands. Instead you’re presented with a game that revolves more around making friends and learning real life skills like farming. The game features fully customizable avatars that you create to interact with other players and or the hundreds of Sanrio NPCs. The game is filled with plenty of quests, mysteries, and other tiny mini games that are pleasantly addictive and satisfying. You can team up with your friends or train a pet to accompany on the quests. Completing quest will yield rewards just like it does in other MMOs, but it doesn’t revolve around power leveling you character. To top things off you can visit real cities, or at least the Sanrio equivalent. Each of the cities exhibits a different theme with plenty of entertaining objectives within.

Since the controls are designed for younger children, you would expect them to be easy to pick up, and if you assumed that you were in fact correct. The game is a breeze to play, and I am confident it won’t give any of our readers trouble.

As I have said already, the main function of the game is to socialize. All I can say finally someone has got this right. Yours and everyone else’s Sanrio blog is built right into the game. This means you can update your status, check your email, watch videos or comment on someone else’s board in game, eliminating the need to alt tab in game.

You just can’t ask for a better MMO; Hello Kitty Online is a stress-free environment with plenty of entertaining games and quests. If those are for some odd reason boring to you, you can even start your own farm, choosing where to plant things and walk around and water your plants to keep them healthy.


  • Elitekill4Elitekill4 BirminghamPosts: 99Member

    Is there a purpose to killing a lot of stuff then?

    EDIT: Rather, a benefit than an actual purpose.

  • bodaciousssbodaciousss Clinton Township, MIPosts: 1Member

    Originally posted by Elitekill4

    Is there a purpose to killing a lot of stuff then?
    EDIT: Rather, a benefit than an actual purpose.

    Indeed there is! Well, actually you don't kill anybody/anything, you just beat them unconscious with a magic wand. All of the creatures in HKO posses specific resources that are necessary to complete quests. A majority of the quests in the game involve making or building something, and the materials needed are obtained by beating stuff up. For example: a quest might require the use of thread, which is partially made from 'Damaged Cobwebs'. Thusly, players have to rough up a bunch of spider-like creatures called Webleys for the Damaged Cobwebs. 

    Hope that helps! :)

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