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2010 Update outlook

CleffyCleffy San Diego, CAPosts: 5,404Member Rare

2010 looks like a dcent outlook for the game.  One thing that happened just recently is this game became complete by the standards it set on release.  I would say it is now one of the top 10 mmos currently released if not in the top 5.  The reason for this has more to do with the quality or lack of content in other mmorpgs then the greatness of this mmo.  Its a relatively complete package for an mmo.  You can now go from 1~65 purely from quests using Premium.  It has nearly all the features listed at release complete, Nightmare, Gory Combat, and Possession Beast.  The only thing it is missing are living NPCs by my standards.  Its currently more like a gimick with 2 escort quests.  It also has PVP battleground and Massive PVP battles ontop.

US Requiem is Currently 1~4 weeks behind Korea.  With this in mind here is the planned updates Korea released for the year:

  • Winter
    • Possession Beasts Re-Implemented(Implemented)
  • Spring
    • Ellnir Tower - This will most likely come with additional content for 65~79
    • Arena System - Not sure what this is.  Maybe a ladder PVP battleground or Monster Arena.  It will have dedicated rewards like other battlegrounds.
  • Summer
    • Siege Mode - Massive combat mode similiar to SvS and Theme Battleground.  I would expect a ... Siege.
  • Fall
    • Rozen - New Large Landmass north of North Hammerine Woods.  Probably will be 80~89.
    • Level Cap Increase



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