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Endaron: Concept I'm working on

johnmatthaisjohnmatthais Florence, SCMember Posts: 2,663

It's a sci-fi MUD concept I'm working on. Anything I've logged so far can be found here on my makeshift website.

Not going to re-type everything. It's all in the blog and on the forum. I'm just working on getting everything solid, then I'll start development. This whole project is a learning experience for me. 

I'm going inside the game development cycle on my own, unfunded and I'm going to see how long I last.

The site will work as a journal, as well as a news source. In a sense, if the game ever gets completed, the site will work as a viral advertisement.

Hoping people will read and give me feedback. I need to know if I've missed holes in rationale and if you just in general like the ideas.

The setting is pretty cliche, but it was all I could do not to make it more cliche. 

I'm dedicating myself to this project. I want to see something like it be done. It just may be a long time before it ever gets finished, if ever.



  • biofellisbiofellis Central, NYMember Posts: 511 Uncommon


  • johnmatthaisjohnmatthais Florence, SCMember Posts: 2,663

     Like I said, it's all in the works.

    I just got rid of a lot of the buttons. I hate these stupid templates. I'll make my own website when I can afford it.

    The pretty is coming.

    In any case, I'm a 16 yr old trying to run an impossibly large project. I want people watching me every step of the way. I need the feedback. 

    My ego doesn't get bruised easily. It's often out of frustration at myself for not doing better that causes me to give up, not other people's opinions.

    This is a learning experience and a game project in one. On one hand, it's my first major programming project. On the other hand, it's my venture into understanding what game companies go through, especially independent ones. ;)

  • johnmatthaisjohnmatthais Florence, SCMember Posts: 2,663

     In another sense, people are entitled to say any part of it sucks. I won't mind. Just do me a favor and tell me what sucks. I don't care if you criticize every part of everything I do. Tell me why and I'll fix it. This is my learning venture and I don't intend to waste it.

  • biofellisbiofellis Central, NYMember Posts: 511 Uncommon


  • johnmatthaisjohnmatthais Florence, SCMember Posts: 2,663

     Put up some combat ideas, along with a lot of other basic thoughts.

    I also have a more complete backstory on the homepage.

    Feedback is great.

    For you, bio, I fixed the welcome page, heh.

  • biofellisbiofellis Central, NYMember Posts: 511 Uncommon


  • johnmatthaisjohnmatthais Florence, SCMember Posts: 2,663
    Originally posted by biofellis

    Looking better!

    I could be wrong, but I think almost no one uses guestbooks. It could be part of the 'contact us' tab. Done. Getting rid of it. Just wasn't sure if it was useful or not.
    Add some links. Getting there slowly. You mean reference links, no?
    You have no screenshots or downloads. Yes- I know it's a MUD, but those are things people look for first when going to a site. It could help if you come up with something. I'm working on it. My artistic skill is small. I may ask a friend to do some art for me. Friends are good cheap labor, heh. =P

    Your intro to your world is interesting, (thanks, glad to know something's interesting about it, heh.) and long. What your average viewer might want to know is...

    Why is your mud fun? 
    Why do I want to play it?
    What about the backstory increases the fun factor- draws me in so I want to 'go there'?

    Understood. I'll take this into account and make an "About the Game" page where I'll move the intro story to and put a summary of the intro in the home page. 
    And I guess I've delayed the inevitable long enough.

    What are you writing this in? C++, it's what I have experience in.
    Is it a Diku Mud, or something else? I don't really know yet. I'm looking into codebases. I'm probably going to end up doing a lot of custom coding for the combat system alone, let alone a lot of other features I'm planning. I was originally going to do it myself, but as pointed out to me, using a codebase would be much smarter given that I'm on my own.
    Do you have any coding experience? 2 years ago, I went went through a few books and tutorials on the basics of C++. I do have some. My memory's not to it anymore (which is pathetic considering my age) but I'm getting at it as soon as I get my computer back.
    Is this going to be a PK Mud? Yeah, fully FFA, even among your own race. The point is to encourage survival and balance, but it's going to be tough.

    Muds are known for evolving. You gonna start slapping yours together, or what? Definitely.
    One generic class. One uninteresting room. One solid step. I would have started days ago, had I had my computer back from the Geek Squad, who have officially taken a week to do a clean install of Windows 7 on it. Morons...probably just the South Carolina guys. =P
    This computer just can't be trusted for anything but internet and word processing.

    Thanks for the feedback. 

    Would have liked feedback on what I've got for combat, but you did bring up a lot of valid points for things I need to get to before I even think about getting that solid.

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