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Pirates of the Burning Sea: 1.2.2 Brings New Features, Server Merges

MikeBMikeB Community ManagerQueens, NYAdministrator Posts: 6,056 Rare

Patch 1.2.2 will be deployed to Pirates of the Burning Seas this week according to an announcement made on the official POTBS website. The new patch will bring a number of new features to the game including Active Nation Selection and National Player Faction.

However, what is most notable about 1.2.2's imminent release is the fact that 1.2.2 will also merge the game's remaining servers, consolidating the playerbase onto the Roberts and Antigua servers.

The original announcement can be viewed here.

Michael "MikeB" Bitton
Community Manager
Twitter: @eMikeB


  • misterdurpmisterdurp South Park ElementaryMember Posts: 157

     about time they did the merge, the game actually became pretty interesting cause of this.. ive heard a lot of good things theyve added in after the (poor) launch.

  • moozaadmoozaad leicesterMember Posts: 15

    I heard there was a major patch due soon? I loved this game, the ship combat really struck a chord with me but I didn't keep up with the subs as the rest of it was fairly poor.


    It needs to sort out ground combat and player factions and then relaunch!

  • hgfhfhfghhgfhfhfgh wankwood, MNMember Posts: 14

    Active nation selection = another nail in the FLS burning sea coffin imo ,  it's to bad this game really had some promise .

  • OzmodanOzmodan Hilliard, OHMember Posts: 7,872 Rare

    Not a bad game, but it really does not offer enough compared to the competition provided by other games in the genre.

  • moozaadmoozaad leicesterMember Posts: 15
    Originally posted by Ozmodan

    Not a bad game, but it really does not offer enough compared to the competition provided by other games in the genre.



    I wasn't aware of any others except maybe Navyfield and that's WWII and barely an MMO and definitely no RPG.

    Somewhere in the back of my mind I remember a Taiwanese game with cartoon pirates but I have no idea what it's called and it was terrible.

  • bluebawlesbluebawles ft lauid, FLMember Posts: 117

     I actually think DF has better Naval combat, and landbased its not even comparable




  • odinfishodinfish Mankato, MNMember Posts: 40

    The naval combat sold me on the game too...and one would expect some similar engagements from time to time concerning missions. But the land-based missions are awful...they are/were all very similar in nature made more so by using the same background: cave, island, warehouse, etc...just placing the objectives in different positions. It's possible to still turn this game around but it seems that the hull is giving way and the pumps are broken on this sinking ship.

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