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What direct x version is this game using?

AshanorAshanor Brevard County, FLPosts: 98Member Uncommon

9.0c or 10?


  • BinkoBinko StockholmPosts: 267Member

    We don't know yet. All we know that it's first going to be for PC. Thats about it. No other info right now.

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  • PhryPhry OxfordshirePosts: 8,343Member Epic

    it will be using directx 9c.

    whether there will be advanced options to use other directx versions remains to be seen.

  • orochixorochix Woodhaven, NYPosts: 66Member Uncommon

    Directx 11

  • RoosterNashRoosterNash Tulsa, OKPosts: 283Member

    Pretty sure dx11 will be their favored, judging by the graphics they're using.

    EDIT: I was wrong, it's dx9 capable!!! Woot!

    THE Rooster Nash

  • DistasteDistaste Lancaster, PAPosts: 665Member Uncommon

    They are using the Unreal 3 engine which supports DX 9 & 10. So you won't see DX 11 until Epic adds it to the engine.

  • essaidiessaidi CopenhagenPosts: 29Member Uncommon

    hoping for 10 :D 

  • drbaltazardrbaltazar drummondville, QCPosts: 7,856Member Uncommon

    mm i believe its full direct 11(without tessalati9on since this will be ready for real in about 2 year gamewise)but the rest of dx11 is fairly easy to support

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