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Second Life Justice League?

RenoakuRenoaku Posts: 1,440Member Uncommon

Found Some New Interesting and breaking news about Second Life Posted on SL Herald today.

Aparently a group of people has been trying to take over secondlife, The group name is called Justice League Unlimited after the MMO, a bunch of Loosers in secondlife who are Working illegally With Certain Linden Lab Employees by what Second Life Herald says.

They are planning on rewriting banlinks system, which was a failed system, and hacked/shut down for good reasons. This system will give them access to exclusive land rights on any sim or land that the person is using it on. Now look at the Links below, Who really runs The system, Justic League Unlimited runs the entire system, and the networks. Is this really such power that should be put into these guys hands? By doing this it will just piss off a lot of more people from being on any sim that uses it, They have already illegally used Keyloggers with Plexus linden as the forums state, How do we know they dont put remote sensor probes with chatbugs inside of their Systems so they can illegally spy on anyone in any sim and it auto deletes after remove ect. There is no way of knowing what these guys will do. I know I sound paranoid but look at what is happening. Second Life Is getting ruined by mindless fools like this. And My Opinion I think the employess involved with this should be FIRED REAL LIFE, or DEMOTED!, and Seriously the Justice League Should be made to disaband.

As for the WIKI, and the hacking, or Illegal Theft. I thank The person Who leaked this to us all. They were given access by the secondlife Justice League, and They Gave us all Info that we all needed to know. Now if I can get my hands on those I will personally send them to every person I know, and make sure others hear about it all. WIKI was made as public information, and As they never signed any NON Disclosure agreement real LIFE (NDA) nothing can happen to them.


And LAST A shout out to Stroker Serpentine. I am on your side against copybotters, But I am not on your side against lawsuiting Linden Labs. Its people like these ignorant Lindens, and Second Life Justice League that ruin secondlife, but its people who lawsuite companies that do try to do something about copybotters, So for the lawsuite part I stand with Linden Labs. As for the copybotters we all need to work together as a community to get rid of the illegal users of them, not as some special forces in secondlife.


As for Greeting people in Second Life who are new. I can do that without all the superhero bull in Second Life. I  dont need to be part of a group to help a new person, I can just do it, or I can refuse to help new people, or I can choose not to.



  • RenoakuRenoaku Posts: 1,440Member Uncommon

    Okay its been about a week or two since the last post here, Ive been reading the Second Life Herald, and Found some pretty Interesting stuff on it. The Comic Group known as Second Life Justice League (SJU) Has Violated a lot of Real World Copyright. They have also Threatend SL herald With removal of any and all content Posted against them on the news because they dont want to be exposed to everyone of what the real truth is. I Found a website that was posted on the Herald about  them as well. This contains all the proof against Second Life Justice League, who have been damaging our community for Years.

    These guys dont own any copyrights on this content they claim either. There was no Copyright Posted on any of it, and it was a wiki page as well. The Person who Origionally leaked the content (Haruhi Thespian) was let into their Braniac wiki, without notice of having to sign any agreement, or any I Agree buttons. They downloaded the entire wiki's Content and sent it public as evidence. I am not sure what any of you think on this, But I figure I would just Post the news here that I found on SJU Today for any of those who still play SL and read these forums. I know that Second Life isn't a popular MMO here anymore for most.

  • gregtrimblegregtrimble Louisville, KYPosts: 3Member

    Now that the dust has settled, some facts have come to light:

    The entire incident was manufactured by Robbie Rubble and a group called "Woodbury University" on Second Life in retaliation for the JLU having infiltrated their group and caught them planning and attempting to execute raids from their region.  The entire operation was planned from the start as an attack, and the theft was planned as a theft from the beginning, and though the wiki stuff was fairly solid to start with, it's been since adulterated and edited by many hands.  The articles attracted the attention of Linden Lab, who responded by forcing the Alphaville Herald to change their primary domain name from the, which they have been using without permission for seven years and have made considerable profits illegally.  The DMCA takedowns  on the Herald were a direct result of violating the JLU's copyright, which turned out to be valid and legal.

    Pixeleen Mistral was "revealed" to be Mark P. Cahill, but the proof of this was a response from a gmail address that anyone could fabricate.  It is corroborated by an article on WikiPedia which simply points back to the Herald as its source of information, so the story on WikiPedia is completely fake.

    The wiki was stolen by social engineering, with Haruhi Thespian lying about who he was and why he was there.  He was told the material was not for publication.  He then gave his password and access to somebody else, who did the actual mass download of the wiki. The stolen wiki is being hosted at, by one of the participants in the hoax. This is because the JLU were successfully taking down any web site in the United States because they have a valid copyright but that doesn't apply in foreign countries. Copies of the stolen wiki are all over PirateBay and have been downloaded by hundreds of people, but it's been hacked and edited by numerous people after the fact as part of the Woodbury University's years-long vendetta campaign. 

    "The Wrong Hands" group and the "Woodbury University" group are nearly the same people, and have no affiliation with the real Woodbury, who caught them and shut down their SLChan web site.  Linden Lab has legally banned Woodbury from ever representing any real life organization, and the attacks on the JLU were a big part of why.  Soviet Woodbury has always been a haven for griefers and the leader of the Patriotic Nigras is one of their members.

    Tizzers Foxchase claimed to have a mandate from Woodbury University in 2009 and had a letter from the University on display on Metaversity - this sim was deleted by Linden Lab along with the other Woodbury sims when IntLibber Brautigan failed to pay the bills leaving them high and dry.  The real Woodbury never knew that they did not have permission or authorization from Linden Lab to operate a sim in their name, and Foxchase and IntLibber never told them.  They took thousands of dollars from the real Woodbury and ended up having to give it back.

    The above post is part of the smear campaign against the JLU by people who are mad because they got caught.

  • RobbleRobble detroit, MIPosts: 1Member

    Jeeze making me join a MMO forum just to give the correct spelling of my name, It's Robble Rubble, not "Robbie Rubble" or Robby Rubble. : P

    The league's retelling of these stories leave out the parts where their DMCA's had no effect on mirrors of the blog hosted overseas.  Also the secondlife herald didn't get forced to move by LL, they moved after typepad folded to the false DMCA claims and lost parts of the SLH articles when they were taken down.  (the articles were restored a few days or a week or so before the move to a different host.)  The altered copies of the blogs (viruses and all) released to the pirate bay were uploaded by members of the JLU to stop the spread of the legitimate copies of the wiki that were already being hosted on the pirate bay.

    The allegations that the copies of the wiki that have been circulating the internet altered in any way are completely false, most of The Wrong Hands are college students, we simply don't have the time to devote to re-writing vast swaths of Kalel's stalker wiki.

    Woodbury is a large group, sometimes a small, small portion of a large group are griefers.  I remember the "raid" that was stopped by the JLU.  It was a group member named Leebra Mai saying "Hey check out these cool horses", we teleport in to look at these finely scripted and sculpted horses only to get harassed by a JLU member who had been monitoring our group chat through a spy.  Yes we knew about the spy, we called him Jewrats, he wasn't the smartest guy and it's kind of insulting to send one of the most moronic members your group has to do any sort of espionage work.  It would have been much more effective if he didn't come into the sim so much to sexually harass female group members and grief people working on builds with orbiters and other hud based griefer weapons.  Not only that but he made various attempts to start raids on Prokofy Neva but lacked the charisima to gather up a gang of idiots from the group.  We were unable to straight up call him on it out of fear of exposing our own, much better, mole that was in their group. 

    That wasn't the first time that the JLU had used spies against our group in order to defame our fine educational sandbox.  The longest active one that I remember was the alt of Maverick Grunfield, who also, suprise suprise, attempted to incite raids against Prokofy Neva.

    And SLChan wasn't pulled down, just had the index disabled, it's still up there.  It was taken down after it was reported to the university by a member of the JLU.  Funny thing is that the site, contained no refrence to the actual  Woodbury University, or even the SL group.  The site had to be pulled even though it was just pretty much one troll posting pictures of Hitler and talking about how awesome he was to what pretty much amounted to an empty room.

    But in all honesty, the JLU did lose a lot of pull on the grid after their wiki was released.  The release of the wiki effected their working relationship with other anti griefer groups and led to Lindens who dealt with abuse report issues straight up unfriending them.

  • MeerieBellaMeerieBella 96846, HIPosts: 28Member

    Originally posted by gregtrimble

    That's a lot of apologia coming from somebody who couldn't possibly ever have been a Woodbury student in real life. 
    The Justice League is trying to take over the world.  Puh-lease.   And as far as I can see they're still going strong, from the stuff they post on their radio station web site.  Given a choice between siding with you and siding with them?  I think I'll go with the ones who aren't compulsive liars.
    SLChan is still there.  Yeah.  Well a year later, now, where is it?  You lie so effortlessly, why should anyone believe anything a Woodbury says? 
    Waiter - reality check, please.


    Your part of Justice League Unlimited?

    Of course you guys will say anything to cover up that nasty mess.

    I've seen enough pictures and strong-fonded evidence, not to mention a few of my OWN friends and their experiences with this group to see what a bunch of liars and hypocrites you really are.

    It's pretty sad your scourging the internet like this, particularly on mmorpg.

    What you have done on Second-Life is wrong and illegal.  Your group stops at nothing to datamine over this laggy service. Get off the high-perch.

    I am sorry to say Second-Life tolerates more weirdo's and perverts and trashyness than anything else. May your eyes be open one-day and realize there's more to life outside a computer 3D chatroom.

  • gregtrimblegregtrimble Louisville, KYPosts: 3Member

    I'll tell you something - just because somebody posts in defense of the Justice League doesn't mean they're a member.  You make the assumption that the whole world is with you,  and you've obviously bought into the whole faked astroturfing the Woodbury people have done.

    Here's the other side of the situation, with names and dates, and a lot of information about who was responsible for all that and what really happened.  The story on this shouldn't be the one sided history the griefers want seen.

    The whole IP tracking thing was a hoax, to start with.  You've basically been had, but dont' feel badly, a lot of people fell for it, and I did too at first until I did some digging on my own.

    Maybe next time you'll pay more attention to who's doing all the yelling, and why they're doing it. 

  • MeerieBellaMeerieBella 96846, HIPosts: 28Member

    Originally posted by gregtrimble

    I'll tell you something - just because somebody posts in defense of the Justice League doesn't mean they're a member.  You make the assumption that the whole world is with you,  and you've obviously bought into the whole faked astroturfing the Woodbury people have done.
    Here's the other side of the situation, with names and dates, and a lot of information about who was responsible for all that and what really happened.  The story on this shouldn't be the one sided history the griefers want seen.
    The whole IP tracking thing was a hoax, to start with.  You've basically been had, but dont' feel badly, a lot of people fell for it, and I did too at first until I did some digging on my own.
    Maybe next time you'll pay more attention to who's doing all the yelling, and why they're doing it. 

    To assume that the Justice League has not abuse privacy bugs at this point is blindness. There have been countless avatars, people, and information collected by the Justice League Unlimited for years now. It is the Justice League Unlimited has worked closely with Linden Labs in the past.

    Showing the kyrpton radio does nothing. It is highly censored by the owner Kalel Venkman (who is leader of the JLU).

    You say it is hoax?

    It is funny then, how avatar names magically appeared in the JLU brianic wilki along with the information attatched to them. If it is a hoax, then over 1,000 avatar names have been simply made up? Sure!

    If it is such a hoax, why the JLU feverishly attempt to hide and erase the information in the first place? The Brianic is real and has been proven to be real three times. The JLU admits the exsistance of it's reality and that they do gather information mainly in Second-Life.

    Kindly stop calling people "griefers" as though they are sub-human. All I see here is a nameless JLU sock-puppet playing it off like the JLU are Second-Life's "Protectors" while this group violates people's privacy to suit their fancies in their pretend simulated world.


  • TheLizardbonesTheLizardbones Arkham, VAPosts: 10,910Member Common

    Is there a TL;DR version of all this that would make sense to someone who doesn't spend all their time playing Second Life?

    Is this like corporations in Eve, where they engage in behavior that in the real world would get them jail sentences, but in the virtual world it's just 'business as usual'?

    I can not remember winning or losing a single debate on the internet.

  • gregtrimblegregtrimble Louisville, KYPosts: 3Member

    Originally posted by MeerieBella

    Yes, unfortunately.
    If you want more information I suggest these links here:
    There have been discussions about these activities and the negative impact they have caused the unsuspecting users.
    SLU Forum Discussions:
    To debunk the above, all the articles from the Herald are simply opinion pieces devoid of any actual facts - and it's well known that the Herald is simply a mouthpiece for the mass-banned Woodbury University group - the same one that got the smackdown for their illegal SLCHAN web site.  So pointing to these as "evidence" is hurting, rather than helping, your argument.
    The SL Universe threads, were started by the same handful of Second Life cast-outs who unquestionably have an axe to grind, and again many of them were the banned Woodbury cybergang.   Most of the posters in the SL Universe threads for example, were alts of about a dozen people, nearly all of whom had been permabanned.  The IP database was uncovered as a hoax by Soft Linden, but the SLU threads ran almost a month before the truth was uncovered.  
    Soft dug through the sim records and found the devices that had collected the IP addresses in question and found that they had been placed by members of, and I'm quoting here: "a large group of residents who were previously banned from Second Life, and who were told not to return."
    So the people who build the alt detection database portrayed in the SLU forums were in fact already banned from Second Life - and it was obviously not the JLU.  To blame the JLU for the actions of banned griefers outside their group is clearly misdirected.


  • MeerieBellaMeerieBella 96846, HIPosts: 28Member



    What I see provided here above is articles of the issues that have happened in Second-Life due to Justice League Unlimited. It is a known fact that the JLU continue to operate and utilize the Brianic Wiki and that they have keept records of people's personal information stored in their wiki.

    The issues are not about past groups but the issue is lack of accountability of the Justice League's actions. Both JLU and non-JLU groups are allowed to comment on that website (which is strictly filtered on Krypton Radio) and the site features several different articles all-together. Might I also mention there was a DMCA  issue where Krypton Radio attempted to censor the Herald...


    At this point all I can see is this is a poor attempted cover-up of any-wrong doings that the JLU have done. Even sadder that this is on MMORPG.

    And I just found this on a petition....

    # 260 and #262

    Seriously? Advertising Krypton Radio not only on MMORPG but a petition as well? Are JLU members just crawling the web at this point?


    These guys have some serious issues.

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