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A quick question

ozerinxozerinx Irvine, CAPosts: 200Member Uncommon

Is there a announcement that they will be making a combine edition of both the new edition and old one? Or they are going to be forcing you to buy both separately even in the future.


  • Destiny2010Destiny2010 bahPosts: 327Member Uncommon

    There has been no statement about this, but unless I`m guessing wrong: (you do mean the expansion right?)

    1. You will have to buy them seperately for the first year at least.

    2. Maybe later they will combine them in some sort (2+ years?) when more expansions arrive.

  • SabradinSabradin Atlanta, ILPosts: 772Member

    they could (would?) make the initial game free eventually and then you'd have to buy the expansion..

    just an option

    Just when you think you have all the answers, I change the questions.

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