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Jade Dynasty gets the best f2p award in my book.

slipfeedslipfeed Harvard, ILPosts: 87Member Common

Graphics... Acceptable.

Charecter customization... better than most pay to play games.  WAY better.

PvP... Excelent.

PvE... a little lacking, but enough to keep you interested.  Lots of grinding if your too stupid to find quests. Red dispatcher quests will actually get you MULTIPULE LEVELS.

The biggest plus, however, is the abillity to buy cash shop money with in game money.  Add the auto grinding feature in and what you have is a free to play game that will allow the savy user to aquire cash shop items without paying.

There is litterally nothing you HAVE to pay real money for in this game.  Everything is accesable for free. 

If your truely slick, you can make loads of money by setting your autogrinding esper to collect only crafting items, and refinery talisman.  You can then craft a bunch of gear, sell it in the trade realm refined for loads of cash, and have a few jaden gold (cash shop money) per day.

Also, its fun.

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