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Godswar Online: Fresh Graphic Designs

StraddenStradden Managing EditorHalifax, NSPosts: 6,696Member Common

This GodsWar Dev Journal gives players a look behind the scenes at all the fun and hard work that went into making the game. Today the insider Ethan Pan talks about the decision to overhaul the game scenery and what it took to accomplish this feat.

The team finished an overhaul to the main cities/suburbs of Athens and Sparta in October. When these brand new designs went live, we got a lot of positive feedback from our players. You may wonder what pushed us to make the effort in the first place, and how we planned to get it done.

At the very beginning we simply wanted to improve the lighting of the game scenes, so the players wouldn't have such dark surroundings dampening their moods. Luckily, as the adjustments were being planned out, our artists came up with a better idea: how about an overall change? Everyone felt this was a really cool idea, but it would surely require a lot more work. The whole team gathered together for some brainstorming and agreed that it could be pretty time-consuming tinkering with the lighting, while an overhaul would bring us a stronger sense of achievement and provide our players many more benefits. In the end, a minor lighting adjustment led to a major project that would involve pretty much everything relating to scenery graphics.

Read Fresh Graphic Designs.

Jon Wood
Managing Editor


  • NoobTechNoobTech birminghamPosts: 33Member

    actually all most all the spartan faction members hated this change because they made their main city look exactly the same as the athens faction city.


    as for the game itself its kinda fun for about 2 months then you hit the lvl cap and its very boring.



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