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Grand Fantasia: Update Interview

DanaDana Halifax, NSPosts: 2,415Member's Garrett Fuller recently had the chance to ask a few questions of Jehanzeb Hasan, the Jr. Project Manager for the upcoming Grand Fantasia Item Shop based MMO. Talk about the free to play model and how it applies to Grand Fantasia.

Jehanzeb Hasan: I know there's a segment of the MMO fan base that has a certain aversion to free-to-play games, and some out there who are simply unwilling to give them a try. Often, this stems from an assumption that free-to-play games limit content--that you have to pay to unlock the really worthwhile and valuable stuff. Of course, this feeling isn't always unfounded, but in the case of Grand Fantasia--and really, many of Aeria Games' other titles--this simply isn't the case.
Grand Fantasia is a strong, robust, complete standalone title. There's a wealth of content available to players that are game enough to give it a chance--branching class trees, pets, guilds, instanced dungeons, PvP, team based battlefields, mounts, a player-based economy--it's all there and it's all free. For those players who are willing to pay, what we'll offer in terms of microtransactions are items of convenience and vanity. Nothing will that dramatically affect mechanics or unbalance the game.

Read it all here.

Dana Massey
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  • Tara_WindwalkerTara_Windwalker Posts: 72Member Uncommon

    This game is well worth trying. 

  • QuoteQuote Russell Springs, KYPosts: 12Member

    This game is excellent.


    I play Closed Beta and it is a refreshing experience. Grand Fantasia sends my avatar on hunts to kill adorable mobs (don't let the cuteness of the Jelly Rabbits fool you, they have a nasty bite!), does not make me suffer through redundant farming (the Sprites collect the materials), and if I am feeling particularly lazy, the Sprite loots for me too. Sprites also evolve and can make elite gear, so you definitely won't be in a field of people ~buying their way into wicked strong avatars.

    You're not forced to immediately decide your class upon creation. There is time to talk to the fellow Grand Fantasia players and pick up some ideas before you find a direction. The community is helpful and friendly. If there's a question I have, someone on the game, Shout Box, or forums usually knows the answer. 

    Whether I'm being chased around by a Corrupted Messenger, massacring teeth-baring Carnivorous Carnations and Frilled Lizards, or working my Sprite to death *cough* I mean, training his skills... there's always something to do and fun to be had. From one MMO gamer to another, you should check this game out.  It's the only MMO I have come across that make jelly-filled bunny rabbits a legit threat to your HP.


    malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

  • RednecksithRednecksith Madison heights, MIPosts: 1,238Member

    I have to agree. Despite the kiddy graphics, the game has begun to grow on me. Gameplay so far is standard, but well done, and the sprites are kind of interesting. I wish it didn't use so many pastels, but I can deal with that.


  • TonyXIITonyXII bruxellesPosts: 8Member
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