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Legend of Neil might need YOU!

SovrathSovrath Boston Area, MAPosts: 21,645Member Epic

So there is a show called "The Legend of Neil".

It is an internet show and is loosely based off of the Legend of Zelda games where a player gets sucked into the world. If anyone has ever played the Legend of Zelda or has an interest in a funny, a bit raunchy, show on video games, this could be the show for you.

It also utilizes the talent of Felicia Day as the Fairy.

In any case, apparenlty the sponsors need people to rate the show and chime in as to whether it should continue:

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In any case I think the show is hilarious and if some of you like the show it might be a good idea to chime in and vote.


I hesitated to post this as you need to sign up for the site in order to rate and vote (lord knows where my e-mail is being beamed to). However, as many of us have probably signed up for sites for much less then perhaps some of you might not have a problem with this.

As I said, the show is extremely funny (in my opinion) so if you don't know the show I suggest you watch from the start. The episodes are very short. However, again, it is a bit raunchy at times and if that is not your thing then I advise to just steer clear.

Personally I would like to see good shows continue and sometimes we the viewer do have a a voice.

In any case thanks for reading. - S

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