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New Version has arrived: Parallel Kingdom - Age of Emergence

GIlbtron3000GIlbtron3000 Madison, WIPosts: 14Member

In the Age of Emergence you can:

- Found cities and watch them grow as other players join

- Claim land and grow your kingdom by building flags and over a dozen other buildings

- Socialize and chat in 12 unique global chatrooms

- Easily visit other players around the world

- Safely trade with other players using the Trade Post in each city

- Upgrade and craft weapons and armor

- Team up with other players in a hunting party to gain bonuses

- Mine stone, iron ore, and sulfur

- Forge craftable items

- Learn 9 skills with 27 unique abilities like Troll Lore, Weapon Smithing, and Archery

- Refer your friends for in-game bonuses


Here's a trailer:


  • GIlbtron3000GIlbtron3000 Madison, WIPosts: 14Member

     Just wanted to let everyone know that Parallel Kingdom is still alive and well and still FREE! :D

    In fact, the game just passed the 100,000 player mark!

    Also, there's new features being released today at 3:30 PM (CST)

    New Features Include:


    Special Metal Weapons


    New Creature: Zagharu


    Read about the new features here

  • gholstongholston columbus, OHPosts: 83Member

    I think you guys have a great idea...


    Right now I've only played a few days, but it's pretty entertaining for what it is.


    I think it is pretty simple, but again, I really do commend you for a fresh idea. I will give some proper feedback after I've played a while.


    I would like to see "wars" between groups of players. I was also frustrated becasue someone else had flags all around my house in RL, and I couldn't build my in game house where my RL house was..


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